CSA Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


In a recent report, Ontario has been shown to have had a 38 percent increase in poverty over the past 20 years and shows that nearly one in five Ontario children live in poverty.

This year as a CSA we plan on rolling up our sleeves to do our share in creating a more sustainable future for ourselves and our community. In doing so, we are committed to donating 1 recurring weekly share of fresh fruits and vegetables, for every 10 shares sold. Shares are being donated to families in need who are currently accessing food banks, churches and other sources to supplement their need in the Durham Region.

Please join us this season in making an impact, and reap the benefits of eating local in the process.

The Giving Garden:  Also new this year, we will be designating a few acres of the farm as a “Giving Garden” the Giving Garden is a place where members can take part in working the land during  harvest.  The crops are then donated to local food banks and packed into the shares of those in need. We will be providing regular updates on it’s progress throughout the season.