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Ways to Save

Referral Rewards Program

As a CSA member you can refer friends and family to join our CSA. For every 1 referred friend, who successfully purchases a 2017 Spring-Autumn CSA share, you will earn the weekly value of your share.  Refer another and you gain another free week to a maximum of 10 referrals. For every new member recruited you earn a week free.
CSA members can refer friends until July 31st, 2017 to take advantage of our Referral Rewards program.

At the end of our CSA season you can choose to re-invest your earnings back into purchasing a new share for the 2018 Spring-Autumn CSA season at a 10% discount or just enjoy your cash reward for all you hard work in supporting local agriculture!

Click on the three icon images below to discover three great reasons for joining the Forsythe Farms CSA. Spread the word and combine our Referral Rewards Program with one of the following Delivery Savings Programs to maximize your savings.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a farm rooting for you just as you’re cheering us on?  It’s always a two way conversation between the farmer & CSA member.  We’re in this together so you can build a better, healthier lifestyle.

No more guesswork at the chain stores, you now know who your farmer is and exactly where your food is coming from.  Joining ensures your food supply is now coming from a sustainable, reliable and safe source close to home.

Did you know just how flexible a CSA share can be?

We understand how mobile your life is and if you are away on vacation we will hold your shares for you.

Delivery Savings Programs

Forsythe Farms CSA gives you the option to save money on your delivery fees by opting for one of the three Delivery Savings Programs listed below.

  1. Arrange for a group of six or more people to pick-up their shares from one location and you can each save up to $90 on your delivery fees.
    If you are interested in arranging a pick-up location for a group of six or more people you must contact Rebecca Jeschke at forsythefamilyfarms.csa@gmail.com prior to signing up for the 2017 Spring-Autumn Produce shares.
  2. Individuals may come directly to Forsythe Family Farms to pick-up their share and save the entire delivery fee (a value of $126).
  3. Arrange for your weekly or bi-weekly CSA share to be picked-up at one of our Farmers’ Markets and save up to $90 on your delivery fees.
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Helpful Tips:

  • Set up your home as a designated CSA pick up point for your neighborhood, becoming the local hub for the CSA.

  • With 6 or more co-workers you can designate your workplace as a CSA delivery location and reap the rewards. Click here to learn more.

Ways to Save Terms and Conditions

  • Promotions are only available to those who subscribe to the CSA.

  • Referral Rewards are only given to those currently subscribed.

  • Referrals can be made till July 31st, 2017 or until the 2017 Spring-Autumn Share program reaches its maximum capacity.

  • Refunds for rewards earned will be given by cheque on the member’s final CSA pick up date, unless you choose to reinvest in next season.

  • Members choosing to reinvest will contact Rebecca at forsythefamilyfarms.csa@gmail.com to set up their 2018 account.

  • Members will earn rewards in proportion to their subscription size. Basic farm share members will earn 1 weeks value of $30. Family Share members will earn a weekly value of $40.

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