The Giving Garden

The Giving Garden


Harvest is now complete.  The Giving Garden will soon be prepped for winter.  Looking forward to beginning anew next year.


Contact Rebecca and Sara-Kate at to arrange a weekday participation time.  Business’ and service groups are welcome 

With the foundation of 2 Corinthians 9:6-11 as our guide, we have set aside a 1½  acre garden plot on our farm to provide the opportunity for anyone interested to help with the growing and harvesting of vegetables to give away to hungry families in need.

  • Seeds have been generously donated by Stokes Seeds

  • Plants have been generously donated by Lakeview Greenhouses & Farm

  • Labour to plant, cultivate, grow and harvest – generously donated by you

Families, individuals, groups, corporations – you are all welcome to come and participate in the garden by helping plant, maintain and harvest the crops growing.  You can also choose who, either family or group, to give the fruits of the harvest to.  All excess produce will be donated to the food bank and community groups who are able to distribute to hungry families and communities in need.

As part of our school tour program here on the farm, students will be participating in the Giving Garden.  It is a healthy way to encourage the foundation of generosity and service learning, building on our mission for our tour program – Strengthening their foundations for a healthier future.

Check out Forsythe Farms CSA podcasts called Planting Generosity

Through interviews with individuals living radically generous lives, this podcast aims to encourage others to give and to serve their communities.

Very exciting news!

Daniel and his team have been awarded a Spark Initiative grant for The Giving Garden!

He is one of eight social entrepreneurs from across Canada to receive a grant which includes a financial grant, one-on-one professional mentoring, development courses and professional training, and more!

Come, participate, enjoy the giving garden –

“You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way”2 Cor 9:11

God loves a cheerful giver

This is an not for profit endeavor.  High school students are welcome to participate to earn their community service hours.


heading to the Stouffville Foodbank

Giving Garden 2