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Explore these Big Ideas of Sustainability

  • Community

  • Healthy Eating

  • Interdependence

  • Cycles

  • Change over time

  • Ecosystems

  • Ability to make a difference

Exploring Sustainability Workshop

I can make a difference!

Experience our farm looking through the Lens of Sustainability.  Investigate the interconnections between our environment, our economy and our community.

Our goal is to challenge the students to delve into sustainability in relation to food, farming and the environment.  Engaging students in a variety of activities that help them dig deep into the issues, we strive to have them `trip over the truth`. Through activities that integrate knowledge across different disciplines  they come to understand that they can make a difference through the choices they make or don't make every day.

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Tours include:

– Meet and feed the animals.  Learn about the farm animals needs and characteristics, how they change as they grow, as well as how we care for them and why we have them.

–  Explore the growth cycle of the plants, the parts of the plant, the importance of soil, the water cycle and how they are all connected.

The activities change with the season.  Connect with what we’re growing in the fields.

  • Spring Awakening – children plant a strawberry plant which they will take home to nurture and with care produce some yummy strawberries.
  • Summer is the time to pick from the selection of crops in our fields.
  • Fall – is pumpkin time and the children will pick their own pumpkin to take home with them.

Emphasis is placed on activities that are inquiry based, interactive and age appropriate.

Take a tour on our wagon around our fields gives you a sense of the scope of farming, the variety of crops and how farms compare to a backyard garden.

-gives children the opportunity for safe, unstructured play time in a grassy, natural setting allowing them to experience the fun side of farms.  Imagination reigns in our Barnyard Adventure playground.

-by knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors that greet you and stay with you during your visit.

Starting times for the tours are flexible to allow for bus schedules and travel times.

-is provided to reinforce what they’ve learned once back in the classroom and in their home

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Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding