• Friendly, informative instructors
  • Inquiry based, hands on activities
  • Flexible starting times to allow for busing schedules and travel time
  • A wagon ride around our fields to see the scope of farming and how it differs from the backyard garden
  • An opportunity for service learning in our Giving Garden
  • Playtime in our Barnyard Adventure playground
  • Relevant take home classroom materials
  • Colouring sheet/student
  • Indoor washrooms (when it’s not freezing outside)

We offer 2, 3 and 4 hour tours.  Starting times for our tours are flexible to allow for bus schedules and travel times. 

Our Farm Educators stay with you for the entire duration of your tour from arrival to departure.  Our farm program is not structured to allow groups to remain on the farm unsupervised after their scheduled tour time is over.

The farm offers both indoor (as long as it’s not freezing out) and portable washroom facilities.
Handwashing is a health and safety priority on the farm. Handwashing and sanitization stations are set up throughout the farm. Please consult your handwashing fact and safety sheet in your confirmation package.

The farm has one accessible portable toilet. There is also a private room for diaper changes.

A supervised lunch break is scheduled into all of our tours 3 hours or more in duration. We try to accommodate to the children’s usual daily schedule for lunch break. Please inform your farm instructor of any particular preference for lunch time at the beginning of your tour.

Time on the farm passes quickly and there is lots to do. We do not schedule breaks for snack time. If your group would like a snack time, please inform your Farm Educator upon your arrival.

If necessary, students can pack a small snack in their pocket which they can easily consume.  Please be aware that we may not be able to complete all the activities available if time for a snack is requested.

We are a litter-less farm; all waste from lunch/snacks must be taken back home. We suggest you bring litter-less lunches.  It is a good exercise for the children and may already be a policy you have in place.

Students/Campers will be provided a central spot to leave their lunches and backpacks while they tour the farm.

Exploring our farm market is an interesting component of our tour program. This provides an opportunity for students to see the complete cycle of farming from field to market and discuss the vital economic importance of local farms in our communities. Age relevant lessons will take place in the market.

Hot coffee, apple cider, snacks, fresh baked pies and treats are available for sale as well as our own and other locally grown produce.  Sorry, we do not have lunch service items available; it is best to encourage everyone to bring a lunch.

Freshly baked pies are available by special order at the commencement of your tour or by ordering via email the day before.  They can then be picked up warm from the oven just before departure. Ask your Farm Educator for the current day’s selection.

Our Farm Educators greet you at the bus and stay with you and your class for the full duration of your tour here at the farm. We feel that it is important to develop a connection with the children for an optimal learning experience.

Parent volunteers are welcome to join in the fun on the farm. We offer the following ratios of adults free per number of students visiting the farm.

Kindergarten, grade 1 to grade 2 - 1:5
Grade 3 & 4  - 1:8
Grade 5+  - 1:10

Educators/Staff are included in this ratio. Any additional adults above the listed ratio will be charged the tour price.  Please have them pay in advance to be included on the invoice or have a list for farm staff to check them off once paid.

Attendants present for children with special needs are free.

We strive to be accessible. Caution is needed in some areas where the terrain is uneven. Our play area and buildings are wheelchair accessible but our wagon ride is not.  Call us if you have any concerns regarding accessibility.  905-887-1086.

We here at Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. are committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities.

  1. Complete the online request form or call us directly at 905-887-1086 to book a Program.
  2. At the time of booking please be prepared to provide the following details
    1. Choice of primary and secondary date
    2. Time of tour. (Please keep in mind transportation time and school routines)
    3. Contact Person’s contact details; name, email address and mobile phone number
    4. Office administrators (if they are dealing with the invoice) contact details; name, email and telephone number
    5. Estimated number of students attending, number of classes and accompanying teachers. Please refer to our student/adult ratio policy.
    6. Any special needs we may need to be aware of.

3. Your tour will be confirmed once you sign and return your confirmation form along with the requested deposit.

Written notice of cancellation must be received by us no less than 2 weeks prior to your tour date if for any reason you need to cancel your tour.   This will enable you to use your deposit towards rescheduling another date within the current school year. The more notice you give us the better able we will be to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately it is not always possible to reschedule during busy times.

Most of our tour activities are outdoors and take place regardless of the weather.  We adjust our activities in the event of bad weather keeping in mind the safety of the children.  We have some indoor and sheltered areas for lunch and activities. Shady areas are used when the weather is hot.

Please remember that in all seasons it can be cooler, muddier and windier on the farm due to the open spaces and lack of pavement. Insects are a natural presence on the farm and the use of insect repellant is suggested during the summer months.

Please have your students dress appropriately for the current weather conditions.

Tours can be paid for by:

  •  Cheque: Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc.  Mail to 1025 Cragg Rd., Uxbridge, Ontario L9P 1R3
  •  E-mail Fund Transfer: Forsythefamilyfarmtours@gmail.com
  •  In person on the farm by cash, cheque or debit

A deposit equal to our minimum charge of 20 students is required to confirm your booking. Purchase orders are acceptable as deposits from preapproved organizations.  An electronic copy of  your invoice will be sent to the appropriate person dealing with the purchase order.

Invoices will be issued on the day of your tour for the number of participants attending.  Final payment for your tour is to be made the day of the tour.

Final payment by cheque, debit, EFT or cash is preferred.

To keep our tour costs reasonable we do not accept credits cards as a form of payment.