Meats – Naturally Raised Pork, Chicken and Turkey

You work hard to create tasty, healthy meals.  We work hard to help make that happen by raising our animals with respect and making sure their needs are well met. After all, they are our partners in the sustainability and success of our farm.

Our animals are raised in a low stress environment; this keeps them healthier.  They are given adequate space, nutritious food that is easily accessible and natural for their diet, free of added hormones, antibiotics and animal by-products.

Education is an important mission on our farm.  Knowing where our food comes from is as important to us as it is to you.   All our animals are visible to the public during our hours open.  We have boards posted with interesting facts about them so you can learn more.  Our staff are eager to answer your questions.  If they don’t know the answer they will find out for you.

Not all of our animals are for meat production.  Our sheep and goats are great farm ambassadors and love to have you come visit them.

Our laying hens are kept in a safe environment, where we can also find all the eggs they lay.

Free run Omega 3 Eggs

When I'm short on time eggs are my go to dish for a quick nutritious meal that is going to stick with me; no feeling hungry within an hour.  They are so versatile you can serve them a different way each day of the week.

White, brown or green shells don't indicate a difference in flavour when they are all newly laid.  Pick them up fresh from the farm and savor the taste difference of  freshly laid eggs.

Bonus!! Our laying hens are fed a diet of mixed grain enhanced with black sunflower seeds which they love.  This gives their eggs a boost in Omega 3.

Roasting Chicken

Ahh! Memories of family meals at Grandmas house.  Looking to make a special meal like that? Our roasting chickens are a great choice.

They arrive as day old chicks.  You can watch them grow in our special warm mini-barns found in our animal barn.  Once they have enough feathering to be outside they go out on pasture in a special hoop house which we can move when fresh grass is needed.

We raise our chickens till they are approximately 10-12 weeks old which results in chickens ranging from 5 to 9 lbs, more than enough for a meal.  The leftovers give you time during the week to make delicious sandwiches for lunches or a quick casserole that's ready in less than an hour.  Sure beats ordering in pizza on those crazy evenings when you have to dash out for yet another activity.

Fresh turkeys are available for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Best turkey we've ever had are the comments that we hear in our market after the holidays.  For all the stress and effort that you go to in making Thanksgiving and Christmas special it's always rewarding to hear the guests compliment your cooking.  Starting with quality, fresh ingredients helps make that happen.

We raise a small number of turkeys here on the farm and source what extras we need from other local producers.

Our turkeys are mainly sold by special order so don’t delay.  We begin taking orders late August, early September for Thanksgiving and in November for Christmas.

Place your order by

  • coming into our market
  • phone 905-985-6749 and leave a message
  • email us at and use the subject line Fresh Turkey Order

Sorry, you can’t be too specific about the size; we ask for a 5 pound range to be able to accommodate your request as closely as possible.

Call 905-985-6749 to book your turkey for your holiday dinner.


Meal planning can be a struggle and there are days that I'm not prepared and just need something quick that is both delicious and nutritious. That's when I pull out a pkg of sausage from the freezer.  It's a nice quick meal that is ready within the hour.  Boil for about 20 minutes then brown it under the broiler, in the fry pan or on the BBQ.  Serve as an easy summer meal on a bun or make have part of a bigger meal with a side of veggies.

Our sausage is made the old fashioned way, no fillers or additives - just good quality pork and a little seasoning.   Our sausage is gluten free.  We also have a nice selection of pork chops, bacon and hams available in our market's freezers.

Visit our pigs in our animal barn.  You may get to see their happy dance if you are there when their pens are cleaned and refreshed.  They are fed a diet of mixed grain with the occasional greens as treats.  We raise them to approx. 250 lbs so their meat is lean and tender.

We are small scale producers as we do not have a large number of any of the farm animals.  Raising them in a spacious environment without any growth enhancers means the animals take longer to reach their optimum weight.  More effort and food is required in raising them this way; production costs are higher.  The results are worth it though.

Apart from enjoying the animals for who they are we find the meat they give us is healthier and the flavour exceptional.