Christmas Turkey - $10 Deposit on Pre-order

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There is nothing like a fresh turkey to cook up for Christmas. Delicious and juicy.

How preordering works:

Choose small, medium or large for your weight range. In the order comments, please place your desired weight within the range you have chosen and we will do our best based on what weights we receive. I.E if you choose a turkey in the 10-13lb range and are hoping for a 13 lb, please write that in your order comments. Turkeys are $4.95/lb. minus your deposit.

You will pay a $10 dollar deposit upon checkout and pay the rest when you pick-up your turkey - on farm pick up only. (We do not call to confirm your turkey is available, booking your turkey confirms we will have a turkey for you)

Turkeys will be available for pick-up at the farm beginning December 18th through to December 24th. Please pick up no later than noon on the 24th.

*Discounts do not apply to this item

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