Father's Day BBQ Box

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Treat Dad on his special day
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Get behind the grill and treat Dad to a Sunday BBQ. BBQ up some delicious honey and garlic pork sausage or make your own burgers with ethically raised and butchered ground beef served between a homemade bun topped with your choice of relish and pickles. For desert he will love some buttertarts washed down with our famous sweet Apple Cider (3L).

Your options include:

Kountry Kitchen Relish
Chow Chow: For all you east coasters you know what it is. A delicious mustard based blend of corn, cauliflower cucumbers, carrots and beans that is great on the side or on your burger.

Zucchini Relish: My favorite relish for hot dogs and hamburgers. I like it better than cucumber based relishes, it's softer. Contains turmeric, no mustard

Kountry Kitchen Pickles
Garlic Dill: Slices of crunchy, garlicky dill pickles. Yum

Mustard Pickles: Cucumbers, onion, red peppers - sweet, simple but delicious (contains mustard seeds)

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