Welcome To Our Rural World

Slow down and relax, there are tranquil times ahead!
Come for a visit; the quiet of the countryside awaits you.

Enjoy time with family and friends. Reconnect to your rural roots.

Welcome to our home farm in Greenbank

Our Location Has Changed; Our Phone Number Remains the Same

This will be our second full season open in Greenbank since our lease on our Markham farm location was terminated. Celebrate food, family and fun in a beautiful country setting.


Pick your own tomato season is now here!

Bring the fresh from the country taste home with you. Visit our on-farm market or find us at a number of farmers’ markets that we attend.

Check out our calendar for our seasonal events and activities.
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Our farm is a smoke free zone!

We strive to be accessible. Caution is needed in some areas where the terrain is uneven. Call us if you have any concerns regarding accessibility.

Dogs cannot participate in the farms’ activities for health and safety reasons. They are best left at home.