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Welcome To Our Rural World

Slow down and relax, there are tranquil times ahead! Breathe in the fresh air; move freely in the space surrounding you. Reconnect with your rural roots; creating memories, creating traditions.

Welcome to our home farm in Greenbank
A little drive for a whole lot of country!

Traditions – They connect us all

As with life there are bends in the road and we are at a turning point in ours. After 27 years on Kennedy Rd. in Markham, our lease has been terminated. We have moved everything to our home farm in Greenbank.

Thanks for the memories. For many of you, visiting our farm has been a long tradition. Each new season we have reconnected; watching your kids grow and over the years come back with families of their own. This is what makes our farm so special to us. We thank you for being a part of our lives.

2014 is a year of transition for us. For this year, our Greenbank farm will be open to the public for
special events and during our strawberry,
pumpkin and Christmas seasons.
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Our location has changed; our phone number Remains the same - 905-887-1087

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Our farm is a smoke free zone!
We strive to be accessible. Caution is needed in some areas where the terrain is uneven. Call us if you have any concerns regarding accessibility.
Dogs cannot participate in the farms' activities for health and safety reasons. They are best left at home.

No Smoking, No Outside Food and No Dogs

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