Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding



Expand their horizons – Get outside and come visit our farm!

Embrace nature– Relax and connect with your students in new and creative ways as they explore the natural world around them.  Enjoy time outdoors here on our 50 acre working fruit and vegetable farm.

Re-energize as our farm instructors engage you and your children on a fully guided tour.

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  • service learning

Our Giving Garden offers a wonderful opportunity for the students to focus on others less fortunate then themselves and contribute to helping those in need. Depending on the season – students can plant or weed and harvest – all with the focus of serving others.

Looking for an alternative now that Whittamore”s Farm is closed? A diversity of learning opportunities present in the outdoors can be found on our farm. Our school tour programs include a mix of inquiry based activities that are adapted to your children’s age and comprehension level.

We emphasize learning through doing and we’ll keep them as busy as bees.

Farms Are Fun!

All Tours Include:

  • Friendly, informative instructors

  • Inquiry based, hands on activities

  • Flexible starting times to allow for busing schedules and travel time

  • A wagon ride around our fields to see the scope of farming and how it differs from the backyard garden

  • An opportunity for service learning in our Giving Garden

  • Playtime in our Barnyard Adventure playground

  • Relevant take home classroom materials

  • Colouring sheet/student

  • Indoor washrooms (when it’s not freezing outside)

Rain and Bad Weather

Most of our tour activities are outdoors and take place regardless of the weather. We adjust our activities in the event of bad weather and have some indoor and sheltered areas for lunch and activities.

In all seasons, our farm is usually cooler and windier due to the open fields and lack of pavement. Please have your students dress appropriately for the weather.

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Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding