Forsythe Farms CSA in the Workplace

Participate in our CSA in the Workplace program and make membership to Forsythe Farms CSA a part of your corporate wellness plan. In so doing you and your co-workers will be serviced with a convenient weekly or bi-weekly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to your workplace location. Enjoy having exclusive access to Forsythe Farms events, discounts, philanthropic outings to our Giving Garden and so much more with your membership!

CSA memberships help those who are actively seeking a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their family by eating fresh, eating local.  Free membership and on farm discounts encourage you to take an active interest in seeing where your food comes from and grows a closer connection with our farm.

CSA Rack Card

Additional benefits to participating in our CSA in the Workplace program include:

  • Making a healthy choice. Source your fruits and vegetables locally with conveniently scheduled workplace deliveries.

  • Boost employee morale. Collectively enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with the recipes we provide or share your own recipes with each other.

  • Foster Team Building. Schedule a volunteer outing to our 1.5 acre Giving Garden. Invite CSA and non-CSA co-workers to pick on behalf of a local food bank.

  • Connect to your food’s source. Enjoy our exclusive invitations to on-farm events and discounts on our farm market products. Enjoy our farm'n'fun activities, get first access to our pick-your-own strawberry patch and simply schedule time to enjoy the tranquil life on the Farm. Our goal is to make our home on the Farm a part our yours.

Learn more about of CSA in the Workplace program - contact us at

Volunteer Outings

A group of Stouffville residents harvesting on behalf of the Stouffville Food Bank.

Forsythe Farms CSA facilitates opportunities for businesses, individuals or groups of friends and families to take a field trip to our 1.5 acre Giving Garden. Learn how to harvest from our Giving Garden with the techniques of our trade and give what you harvest to someone you know who could benefit.

Work as a team and learn the importance of community involvement all while making a stronger connection to your food source.

Everything harvested from our Giving Garden must be given away to someone you know could benefit from fresh vegetables. Alternatively, larger harvests can be donated to a local food bank.

If you would like to learn more about our Giving Garden contact us at or call us at 905-887-1086.