Strawberries at Forsythe Family Farms

Our mission is to provide opportunities for you to connect to the countryside through exploring nature and being a part of your food's journey from farm to fork.

Get outside! Visit our Farm and enjoy it's beauty and tranquility.

Fresh Picked strawberries are available at our farm and Farmers Market locations.  Check out our Pick Your Own option.

Our Farm is open Thursdays to Sundays 9:30 - 5:00.

We are open Canada Day 9:30 - 5:00

Come for a visit!  Pay upon arrival or book online.

time outdoors in nature supports the development of the whole child

Connect to the Countryside! Spend time on our farm.

Visit our farm animals, play in our Adventure playground, explore our farm's forest and fields.  Enjoy the good food in our market.

Check out this article by Amina Zafar · CBC News · 

Pop the bubble wrap and let kids play outdoors, pediatricians say

Connect to Local Food

Connect to local food

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Connect to Family Fun

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We're Hiring!! 

Join our farm crew and be a part of our farm-to-fork connection.
We are always looking for energetic people who love to work outside.