Connect to the Countryside

Our Farm is open Thursdays to Sundays

9:30 - 5:00pm
with lots of good food and family fun!

Come and get outside! Enjoy the tranquility of the countryside while taking time to visit our farm animals and explore our farm.

 December is our customer appreciation month.  Admission to our Farm'n'Fun area is free.

December is a time to stock up for winter.  Check out our STOCK UP 4 WINTER specials in our market to help you do just that.  Time to make some soup!!

We're excited about the Coming of Christmas!

Our Balsam Christmas trees have now arrived.  They're beautiful and they smell awesome.   The sparkle of Christmas lights is brightening up our market along with our delicious array of cookie trays, pies and other sweets, just waiting to be taken home and shared. 

Relax and spend some time on the farm.  Let the excitement and hope found in Christmas enchant you. 

Connect to Local Food

Connect to local food

Connect to Family Fun!

Connect to Family Fun

Connect to Learning!

Farm Field Trips - Connect the kids to farms and their food

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fresh turkey

Christmas is time to Celebrate with family and good food

"Best turkey we've ever had" are the comments that we hear after the holidays.

Fresh turkeys are available the weekend of December 2nd & 3rd and Christmas (December 22nd - 24th)

We raise a small number of turkeys here on the farm and source what extras we need from other local producers that also raise them the way we do - with lots of fresh air, and feed that is free from antibiotics and growth hormones.

Our own turkeys are getting big and we are prepping them for Christmas early.  They'll be available fresh on Saturday December 2nd and Sunday December 3rd then into the freezer they'll go.

Our fresh turkeys are $5.25/lb. and mainly sold by special order.  We ask for a 5 lb. range in which to fit your needs.

Click here to order your fresh turkey!

Frozen turkeys are also available in our market in a range of sizes.

Our School Tours are Back

Click here to request a tour for the spring and summer season.

Check out our CSA - Community Support Agriculture program. Enjoy special promotions, free admission, and lots of delicious fresh fruits and veggies!

CSA - know your farmer Know your food

We're Hiring!! 

Join our farm crew and be a part of our farm-to-fork connection.
We are always looking for energetic people who love to work outside.