Connect to the countryside! 

 Pick up food fresh from our fields.  Get Outside - relax and reenergize while enjoying fun family activities.

Our farm is now closed for the season and will be reopening Victoria Day weekend.  Are you interested in connecting with us through the winter?  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

Is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program right for you? Lets start the conversation.

Connect to your foods journey from farm to fork!

Connect to the countryside - Eat local, eat fresh!

Make your meals tastier- start with great ingredients!

Want some adventure in your kitchen trying out new foods?  Resolved to eat better, fresher and more delicious food? Get on track with healthy eating the easy way.

Find out what CSA membership is all about.

Expand your access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables: Join our CSA for all three seasons - spring, summer and fall.

Check out our online shop to see the delicious products we had available this year and will again next year.

We have numerous locations  for pick up available including our farm,  farmers markets we attend and private hubs.

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CSA membership programs are not for everyone.
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Connect to Local Food

Connect to local food
  • On Farm Market
  • Pick your Own
  • Naturally raised meats and eggs
  • CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Connect to Family Fun!

Connect to Family Fun
  • Get outside, connect with nature
  • Visit farm animals
  • Barnyard Playground
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Farm and Forest Trails

Connect to Learning!

Connect to local food

Connect with

Connect to local food

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Our Story

Farms are Fun but lets stay safe!

Summer is the season for easy meals.  A delicious variety of vegetables are available to help make your meals fun and flavourful.

Our farm is currently closed for the winter while we take time to review, relax and reenergize for the coming spring.

Pick your own crops and family activities are available in season

We respect the Government protocols and restrictions regarding the activities we are able to offer.

Masks are mandatory on our farm

In our market, on our patio, in our animal barn, playground and anywhere else that you cannot keep the proper distance from others. Thank you for your consideration and respect of those around you by wearing a mask.

If you cannot wear a mask for health reasons, we ask that you wear a face shield. These are available for purchase in our market if you do not already have one.

Numerous handwashing and sanitizing stations throughout the farm.

Book online for our farm activities. 

We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone who does not comply with the current government mandated protocols.

COVID 19 Safety