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CSA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?2024-02-04T16:34:50-05:00

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” also known as a “Farm Share”.

It is the coming together of the consumer, the farmer, and the land in order to support and grow sustainable agriculture in the local community. It’s a way of integrating farming into your life and that of the community with all its benefits.

When you sign up for a Forsythe Farms CSA share, you are supporting us as your local farmer by providing a steady income for the farm by pre-purchasing a share of the fruits and vegetables that we grow as well as helping us with planting costs.

In return, you and your family are able to try new vegetables and eat seasonally, receiving fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm.  Our fall share program extends your connection to the farming season allowing you to love local longer.

Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. is a family farm that believes it’s important to stay connected to where your food comes from. Joining our CSA involves you in the journey of your food from the farm to your fork.

We invite you to be a part of that journey.

What are the Benefits and Risks of joining a CSA2024-02-04T16:43:44-05:00
  • Know your farmer Know your Food

    With a CSA membership, you can develop a close relationship with your local farm and its crew.  You'll get the inside scoop of what's happening on the farm.

  • Eating is one of life’s adventures.

    Enjoy eating a wide variety of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables.  Try some new veggies.

  • A CSA is an investment the farm's current growing season.

    As a member, you share in the inherent risks and benefits of agriculture. (Poor weather, drought, disease, frost, etc., or an ideal growing season resulting in a bounty)  We celebrate the successes with specials and opportunities for bulk buys.

  • We spread the risk and share the success -

    There is no guarantee of quantities of the produce, but we assure you that we will make it worth your investment by spreading the risk, sharing produce from our friend’s farms.

  • The feeling of satisfaction

    in helping support the growth of sustainable agriculture in your community.

What are some other benefits of being a CSA member?2024-02-04T16:46:10-05:00

With membership in our CSA program, you enjoy free admission to our farm for you and your family during the season you signed up for.

Our CSA members also receive exclusive deals, a 5% discount in our on-farm market, and early access to our pick-your-own fields.

You will receive a weekly newsletter keeping you updated on

  • what to expect in the coming weeks,

  • the activities and events happening on the farm (some exclusive to members only),

  • recipes & videos relating to the weekly share content,

  • special offers

What is Included in my Produce Share?2024-02-04T16:48:30-05:00

The beauty of a CSA membership is that the produce share contents vary from week to week, as we bring you the freshest seasonal offerings from our fields and those of other local farms.

You will receive an email at the start of each share week, detailing what’s in the box, along with recipes and suggestions on how to use the items.

You will always receive $36.00 worth of produce.

Click here to see some examples of past shares and click here for more pictures!

Are you Organic?2024-02-04T16:49:55-05:00

We are not certified organic but do include some organic produce in our shares.

Produce from our farm is grown responsibly using minimal chemical inputs only if needed to save the crop.

Insects, diseases, and weather all play a part in farming and we try to deal with them in the best way available.

The produce we source locally from other Ontario farms is from growers we know and trust. This allows us to increase the variety in your shares over and above what we grow ourselves.

How do I get my CSA share box?2024-02-04T16:57:43-05:00

Sign up online to have your share picked, packed and ready for your pick up at whichever location you choose.

  • Produce is packed into blue bins, labeled with your name and available for pick-up at the farm/hub/farmers market location of your choice at the day and times specified.

    Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags to transfer your produce into.

  • If you are picking up at our farm, come into our market, let the staff know you are a member and they will be happy to get it for you. After a couple of pick-ups, they’ll know your name!  Take time to shop for other delicious farm products and enjoy our farms activities.

  • If you are at a location where you are to pick up your share that has been left by our delivery driver, please empty the bin's contents into your reusable bag then stack your bin with the other empty bins.

  • If you are a Hub Host, please ensure the empty bins are outside on the next share delivery day for us to collect. We sanitize and reuse them on your next delivery date.

  • If you pick up at a farmers market location staffed by an employee, you will be handed your bin for you to pack into your reusable bag. We will keep the bin.

How do I for pay my CSA Membership?2024-02-04T17:00:13-05:00

In the spirit of a CSA, you pay in advance to invest in the farmer’s production of growing the food.

Payments with MasterCard, Visa, or e-transfer can be made at checkout through our online store.

Paying by cash or debit is possible at our on-farm market and farmers’ markets.

You can choose to pay either in full or in 2 instalments.

Pay in full -

Whatever your share choice, you pay the full cost upfront for our CSA program season.

Pay in two instalments.

Paying by 2 instalments is possible if you pay by e Transfer.  The first payment is due when you register. The remaining balance is due the week your first share is to be picked up.

Where can I pick up my CSA share box to save on delivery fees?2024-02-04T17:04:42-05:00
  • There are no extra delivery fees if you’re picking up at any of our Farmer's Markets or our on-farm market.

  • Markham Farmers Market – Located at 132 Robinson Street, just off Markham Main St. south of Bullock Dr.

    Saturdays May 11th to October 5th - 9 am to 1 pm

  • Whitby Farmers Market- Located at Celebration Square, Dundas St. in front of the Whitby Public Library.

    Wednesdays - May 15th to October 23rd – 9:00 am till 2:00 pm

  • On-Farm Pick-Up1025 Cragg Rd. Greenbank, just 10 minutes E of Uxbridge, 10 minutes N of Port Perry

    Thursdays-Sundays 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Newmarket Farmers Market - 200 Doug Duncan Dr, Newmarket

    Saturdays May 4th to October 5th - 9 am to 1 pm

  • Our hub hosts receive free delivery.  Consider hosting a pick-up location at your home or office. The more members in the hub, the lower their delivery fees are.

Do you do home delivery?2024-02-04T17:11:04-05:00
  • We offer localized hub deliveries which means we will deliver to a home if there are at least 10 members who will pick up at that location.

    We deliver to neighbors and workplaces of 10 or more that would like a CSA share delivered to a central location in York & Durham regions

    Live outside York or Durham region but are interested in being a hub? Email us to determine the possibilities.

  • Delivery prices to hubs of 10 members depends on the location of the hub.  Delivery prices are higher if numbers are less than 10.  Delivery prices are noted when signing up.

    Hub hosts have free delivery as thanks for their support of our program.

  • The host of the hub receives free delivery.

What happens if I am going to be away and will miss a share?2024-02-04T17:13:10-05:00

If you’ll be away for one of your pick-up weeks, that’s o.k.!

Our change form allows you to tell us if you’ll be missing a share, and we can work with you to find the best solution.

You can

  • have someone else pick it up for you,

  • we can delay it, and provide you with a double share the following pick-up week,

  • you can donate your share, and we will ensure it goes to a family in need, through one of our partner organizations.

Can I change an item in my share?2024-02-04T17:14:24-05:00

One of the best parts of a CSA membership is trying new and unusual produce.

However, if you find something you are allergic to, or just don’t want, you can use our change form to swap up to 2 items each share.

If you pick up your share box at a Farmers’ Market or the farm, you can make the swaps in person when you pick up your share box.

Do you have a referral program?2024-02-04T17:15:32-05:00

Yes! One of the best ways to tell us you like what we’re doing is to tell other people!

For our existing CSA members, we offer a referral program to help encourage you to spread the word.

For every new member that you refer, you will receive a $5 credit for use at our farm store or Farmer's Market locations.

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