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CSA – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?2021-01-06T13:44:12-05:00

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture” also known as a “Farm Share”. It is the coming together of the consumer, the farmer and the land in order to support and grow sustainable agriculture in the local community. Its an organic way of integrating farming back into your life and that of the community with all its benefits.

When you sign up for a Forsythe Farms CSA share, you are supporting us as your local farmer by providing a steady income for the farm by pre-purchasing a share of the fruits and vegetables that we grow as well as helping us with planting costs. In return, you and your family are able to try new vegetables, learn to eat with the local growing season and receive fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farm.

Read our CSA Guidelines & Contract Here

What are the Benefits and Risks of joining a CSA2021-03-15T16:15:54-04:00
  • The convenience of fresh farm produce conveniently delivered near you.

  • Experience the inherent risk of farming and benefit from the bounty.

  • Enjoy a wide variety of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, some that you may not have tried before.

  • Get adventurous with your food. We’ll give you some recipes to try.

  • Develop a close relationship between you and your local farmer.  With membership to our CSA you can enjoy free admission for you and your family during the season you signed up for.  For a full season of fun sign up for our Spring, Summer and Fall memberships.

  • Satisfaction of helping the local economy

  • The fulfillment of supporting and helping the growth of local and sustainable agriculture in your community.

  • When a crop fails the Farmer will provide you with fresh produce from a neighbouring farm, who shares in sustainable local farming. You will always receive a weekly value of $30 in a variety of fresh produce.

What is a member and what do I get with my membership?2021-03-15T16:24:54-04:00

You become a member by purchasing a share of the harvest from the farm.

With your membership you’re investing in the farms growing season. You get to share in the benefits and the risks of farming. With membership it becomes your share of the seeds, plants, your share in the harvest and we do the work for you.

Members are encouraged to connect to the farm by enjoying several member benefits:

  • A box of produce delivered to a location of choice with a value of $30

  • Weekly share content updates with related recipes, storage tips and farm news.

  • Add-ons such as eggs, apple cider, tarts or preserves as you need them.

  • 5% discount on our farm market including pick your own produce. Please show your membership card at the time of purchase.

  • With your CSA membership you can enjoy free admission to our on-farm activities for you and your family during the season/s you join up for. There's lot's of fun for the family.

  • First access to our pick-your strawberry patch. Members will be notified by email.

  • Schedule a time to harvest from our Giving Garden to pick on behalf of someone you know who could benefit or for larger harvests donate to a local food bank.

What is Included in my Share?2021-01-06T14:25:59-05:00

The contents of your share will change weekly depending on what's in season. 

Click here to see some examples of past shares

and here!

How does it work?2021-01-06T14:43:35-05:00

Sign up online to have your weekly share picked, packed and ready for your pick up at whichever location you choose.

  • Produce is packed into blue Rubbermaid bins, labelled with our member's name then delivered to our hub/farmers market locations.  If you are doing farm pickup, come into our on-farm market, let the staff know you are a member and they will be happy to get it for you.

  • If you are at a location where you are to pick up your share that has been left by our delivery driver, please empty the bin's contents into your own reusable bag then stack your bin with the other empty bins.

  • If you are at a location such as the farm or farmers market staffed by an employee, you will be handed your contents for you to pack into your reusable bag.  We will keep the bin.

  • If you are a Hub Host, or your share gets delivered to your door, please ensure the empty bin/bins are outside for us to collect and sanitize by your next delivery date

  • The amount of fruits and vegetables you receive each week is equal to your share cost. There is an additional fee for delivery to certain locations that is over and above the share cost. These are listed and paid for when signing up for membership

How Do I Pay?2021-01-06T14:50:20-05:00

The cost of your membership includes a weekly or bi-weekly box of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. In the spirit of a CSA you pay in advance to invest in the farmer’s production costs of growing the food. 

Pay in full

Whatever your choice of share (weekly, bi-weekly,), you pay the full cost up front for our CSA program season.

Pay in two installments

Paying by 2 installments is possible if you pay by e Transfer.  The first payment is due when you register. The remaining balance is due the week  your first share is to be picked up.

Payments with MasterCard, Visa or e transfer can be made at checkout through our online store. Paying by cash or debit is possible at our on-farm market.

Where can I Pick Up my Share to save on delivery fees?2021-05-03T19:24:38-04:00
  • Markham Farmers Market – Saturdays June 5th to October 9th - 9 am to 1 pm

  • Whitby Farmers Market- Wednesdays May 19 to October 13th - 9 am till 3 pm.

  • On-Farm Pick-Up -No delivery fee charged.
    1025 Cragg Rd. Greenbank

  • Pickering Farmers Market- Tuesdays June 15th – October 5th 9 am to 2 pm

  • Hub Location

    My place of employment, community centre, gathering place...

    Please arrange with us to have your produce delivered to your employers. This options requires a minimum of 6 participants. A $2.50 delivery fee will be added to each share.

  • Brooklin Farmers Market – Saturdays June 12th-October 9th – 9 am to 2 pm

  • Newmarket Farmers Market - Saturdays May 1st to October 31st- 9 am to 1 pm

Current locations and times
Do you do home delivery? –2021-01-06T15:17:13-05:00
  • No~ In the past this was an option but we have found the Hub locations work better in our mission of connecting people with the farm and the people who grow your food.

    We offer Hub delivery for neighbours/workplaces of 6 or more that would like a CSA share delivered to a central location.

What happens if I forget to put out my blue bin on the delivery day?2021-01-06T15:17:54-05:00

If we come to deliver the vegetables and there is no blue bin at the door, we will leave the vegetables in a replacement bag, and place it at the doorstep. Upon the following delivery, we ask that you leave out the 2 bags for us to collect.

Bins can only be delivered to one specified address. If the member is not home to receive their share they must notify us and an arrangement can be made to work around this. Ideally members can send a friend, family member, or co-worker to one of our farmers market locations to pick up the share.

Are you Organic?2017-04-20T17:24:12-04:00

We are not certified organic, but do include some organic produce in our shares. Our own produce from the farm is grown as responsibly as possible using minimal chemical inputs and only if we needed to save the crop. Insects, diseases and weather all play a part in farming and we try to deal with them in the best way available. The produce we locally source from other Ontario growers is from farmers we know and trust. This allows us to increase the variety in your shares over and above what we grow ourselves.

Vacation/Change Requests?2021-01-06T15:22:38-05:00

If you are unable to receive your share one week – please let one of us know through our vacation/change form We can hold your share for you to the following week and double up when you return. You may also have a friend or relative pick it up.  Some of our members have also asked us to donate their share to the local foodbank.

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