Pick-Your-Own Season is here but only until the frost comes!

Farm Hours:
October Tuesday and Wednesdays 9:30 - 2:00 Thursdays to Sundays from 9:30 - 5:00

The pick-your-own crops change as the season progresses. Currently, pumpkins, flowers and beans are available for picking

Call 905-985-6749 for an up-to-date report on what's available for picking.

  • Online booking is not required.

  • Picking-your-own fruit and vegetables is a great experience for the children to enjoy.  It's a nice addition to our fun family activities and enhances your visit making for memorable moments.

    Kids love to play in our playground, explore our trails, and visit the farm animals along with picking in our fields.  On weekends we have wagon rides from 10 am to 3.

  • You must purchase a picking container appropriate for the pick your own crop whether it be a basket of box for entry into our fields.

    We have a minimum of one 3L basket per 2 people ages 3+.

  • Strawberries and other produce - freshly picked from our fields and other Ontario farms - are also available in our market.

    Check out our delicious fresh-baked pies and other goodies.

Strawberries at Forsythe Family FarmsPick your own crops and add a nice hands-on activity that lets you be part of your food's journey from farm to plate.

Our main pick-your-own crops here at the farm are: strawberries, peas, beans, tomatoes, and pumpkins.

Picking your own fruits and vegetables is a fun and fruitful way to spend time with your family on our farm. Click here for more information on our fun activities available.

Call our crop information line at 905-985-6749 for current crop reports.

Stay Safe, Have Fun - Information you'd like to know!

  • On our farm - picking strawberries and other crops is a harvest-only activity. We discourage sampling in the field as this hand-to-mouth activity can increase the spread of disease.  We recommend the pick-your-own activity to be your first activity before visiting the animals etc.  We can keep your pickings cool in our market while you enjoy the rest of your visit.

  • We have multiple hand-wash stations available for you and request you wash your hands before picking, after visiting the farm animals, eating, and before leaving the farm.

We will continue to minimize touchpoints -

  • Please do not bring your own containers for picking. Our pick-your-crops are sold by volume and not weight. Baskets are sold in our farm market. The price of the basket is based on the value of a full basket. The price does not change based on how full your basket is.
  • We have a minimum of one 3 L basket per 2 people to enter our fields

  • The prices for pick-your-own vary with the crop currently in season.  Please call 905-985-6749 for the crops available.

Children Strawberry Picking

Call before coming 905-985-6749 for an update on picking conditions.

Sam and the pigsPick and Play

Families with young children are strongly encouraged to purchase admission to our Farm'n'fun area which includes our farm animals to visit, playground, walking trails, scavenger hunts, and more.  On weekends enjoy wagon rides around our fields and down Fairy Tale Lane to our forest.

Please note that an admission ticket is required for access to our Barnyard Adventure area, farm animals, and other fun family activities.  

Admission Fees - All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

  • Weekdays - $10.00+HST/person 3 yrs+
  • October Weekends Harvest Festival  $14.00+HST/person 3 yrs+

(Pick-Your-Own fruits and vegetables are not included in the admission price. Containers for picking are a separate charge and must be pre-purchased before entering our fields.)

“Farm Etiquette”

Farm visit do’s and don’ts that will make your farm visit great!

Strawberry picking
Farmer Jim in his strawberry fields
  • We are a working farm.  Please take care as you may encounter tractors and other farm equipment.  Please respect any rules and signs displayed.

  • The ground is uneven in places.

    Please be mindful of your footing.  Although we keep accessibility in mind when planning there are some areas that are not easily accessible.

  • Service Dogs are welcomed

    Please leave your pets at home.

    • Not everyone is comfortable around dogs.
    • They are not permitted in our market as we are selling food.
    • Our farm animals get stressed with dogs as they see them as predators.
    • We welcome families with small children.
  • Please park your vehicle in designated areas only.

  • For your own safety, visit only identified areas. You are visiting a working farm and a business. There are areas off limits due to safety concerns.

  • Please supervise your children to ensure a fun, safe visit.  We are a working farm and have areas that are not safe for children to be in.

  • Keep closed gates closed and opened gates open.

  • Dispose of garbage in receptacles. It's best if you have a litterless visit.  Picking in a field free from garbage is appreciated by everyone.

  • Always wash your hands after touching any animals. Remember farm animals are domesticated, not tamed.

  • For your safety and that of others who pick after you sampling is not allowed as this is a hand to mouth activity.  Please treat our fields and crops with respect as they are our source of our livelihood.  Leave no garbage or water bottles in the field.

  • Have fun on your adventure here in the country. Staff are ready and willing to help.

Preparing to visit a farm checklist

  • Call ahead 905-985-6749 or check the web site to be sure the variety of fruits, vegetables and/or other specific products you want are ready and available.

  • Mornings  are cooler and more comfortable if you are picking your own produce.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather conditions. Rubber boots may come in handy if there has been a recent rain. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hand sanitizer and bug repellent.

  • Bring a cooler with ice packs for perishable items such as meat and ice cream that are available for purchase in our market.

  • Always remember to wash your hands before handling food especially if you have been in an animal display area.

  • Take your camera and make sure your phone is charged. There will be lots of opportunity to capture some great memories.

  • We try to keep the farm clean and litter free. Outside food is not permitted. Water is available in our market.

  • Our admission fee helps us offer clean and safe areas to visit on the farm. Our farm animals barn, play area and trails are open for visitors and a wristband is required to enter our activity area. These may be purchased in our market.  We have a number of fun family activities

  • Be clear on your directions. Google does not always work correctly. Look for us in Greenbank or Scugog. check out our hours and location.

Call 905-985-6749 for a daily crop updates

Check out the Seasonal Availability Chart below from Foodland Ontario

(we don’t grow everything on the chart but its good to have- it shows you when the various fruits and vegetables grown here in Ontario are available).



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