Our pick your own season has come to an end done in by a couple of nights below zero.  

We'll be planning for our 2022 season soon and will definitely have our flower patch again.  

Call 905-985-6749 for up to date farm information.

Our pick your own crop message is updated  for picking conditions and hours open.

 Book online for our fun family activities.  Pick your own option can be added at no extra fee.  Price for pick your own is given at time of check in as the cost depends on crop and amount picked.

COVID 19 Protocols

These are very different times and there are many factors we need to consider when opening our farm and pick your own to the public. Protocols are in place to keep our staff and customers safe.  As you may already know- pick your own is a harvest only activity.

We request that you do the COVID 19 self assessment before coming

You're welcome to come if you are free of all symptoms, have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, have not been out of the country in the past 14 days and come together only as a family group or social bubble

  • People in the same household or their designated social bubble may pick together. For adequate supervision we have a limit of 2 children ages 3+ per adult.
  • Masks must be worn while picking and visiting other areas of our farm. Please bring your own or we have some available in the market.  We appreciate you being community minded and caring about others.
  • We have multiple hand wash stations available for you and request you wash your hands before picking, after visiting the farm animals and before leaving the farm.

To minimize touch points

  • Please do not bring your own containers for picking.  Pick your own care sold crops are sold by volume and not weight.  Baskets are sold in our farm market.  The price of the basket is based on the value of a full basket and price does not change based on how full your basket is.
  • we have a minimum of one basket/box per 2 people to enter our fields

Call before coming 905-985-6749 for an update on picking conditions.

    Our farm animals love visitors and they will be available to visit with limited numbers of people being allowed in the barn at any one time.  Our playground is now open and wagon rides are running weekends 10 am till 3 pm. Hand washing is required after visiting the animals and before leaving the farm.

    Pick your own crops add a nice hands on activity that lets you be part of your foods journey from farm to plate.

    There are ways to experience the farm.  Click here for more information on our activities available.

    Our main pick your own crops here at the farm are: strawberries, peas, beans, tomatoes and pumpkins  

    Picking your own fruits and vegetables is a fun and fruitful way to spend time with your family on our farm

    Call our crop information line 905-985-6749 for current crop reports

    Click here for online booking

    Farm visit do’s and don’ts or “Farm Etiquette”

    • We are a working farm.  Please take care as you may encounter tractors and other farm equipment.  The ground is uneven in places and there are areas off limits to everyone but authorized staff.  We welcome you as a guest on our farm. Please respect any rules and signs displayed.

    • Please leave your pets at home. They are not permitted in the market or farm area as we have animals on the farm as well as a lot of children.  It can get hot here on the farm while they wait.   Service dogs exempt.

    • Please park your vehicle in designated areas only.

    • For your own safety, visit only identified areas. You are visiting a working farm and a business. There are areas off limits due to safety concerns.

    • Please supervise your children to ensure a fun, safe visit.  We are a working farm and have areas that are not safe for children to be in.

    • Keep closed gates closed and opened gates open.

    • Dispose of garbage in receptacles. It's best if you have a litterless visit.  Picking in a field free from garbage is appreciated by everyone.

    • Always wash your hands after touching any animals. Remember farm animals are domesticated, not tamed.

    • For your safety and that of others who pick after you sampling is not allowed as this is a hand to mouth activity.  Please treat our fields and crops with respect as they are our source of our livelihood.  Leave no garbage or water bottles in the field.

    • Have fun on your adventure here in the country. Staff are ready and willing to help.

    Preparing to visit a farm checklist

    • Call ahead 905-985-6749 or check the web site to be sure the variety of fruits, vegetables and/or other specific products you want are ready and available.

    • Mornings  are cooler and more comfortable if you are picking your own produce.

    • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather conditions. Rubber boots may come in handy if there has been a recent rain. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hand sanitizer and bug repellent.

    • Bring a cooler with ice packs for perishable items such as meat and ice cream that are available for purchase in our market.

    • Always remember to wash your hands before handling food especially if you have been in an animal display area.

    • Take your camera and make sure your phone is charged. There will be lots of opportunity to capture some great memories.

    • We try to keep the farm clean and litter free. Outside food is not permitted. Water is available in our market.

    • Our admission fee helps us offer clean and safe areas to visit on the farm. Our farm animals barn is open for visitors and a sticker is required to enter. These may be purchased in our market.  We have a number of fun family activities offered including our 9 Hole Scavenger Hunt- Greens on the Farm.

    • Be clear on your directions. Google does not always work correctly. Look for us in Greenbank or Scugog. check out our hours and location.

    Call 905-985-6749 for a daily crop updates

    Check out the Seasonal Availability Chart below from Foodland Ontario

    (we don’t grow everything on the chart but its good to have- it shows you when the various fruits and vegetables grown here in Ontario are available).



    Service minded? – Check out our Giving Garden