Online Farm Education Video Packages

From Farm to Tablet - Virtual Learning for Children, Pre-School to Grade 4

Lesson #1 Animals
Lesson # 2 - Plants

Package 1: Farming Foundations for all Ages

See, Listen and Learn - Investigate the basic needs and characteristics of living things focusing on farm animals and plants.  Observe their similiarities and differences, develop an understanding of their general characteristics and see the the growth and changes in animals and plants.  Children will come to appreciate the importance of living things in our environment and the need to treat them with care and respect.

All about Bees - Video 3
Lesson # 4 - Eggs

Package 2: Farming Foundations Applied

See, Listen and Learn - Using the understanding and knowledge gained in Farming Foundations we apply the principles learned with a focus on honeybees and the eggs we eat.

Lesson # 5 - Soils
Lesson # 6 - Habitats

Package 3: Digging Deeper into Sustainability

See, Listen and Learn - Build on the earlier lessons and deepen your understanding that living things rely on other living things for energy and the resources they need to live.  Encompass a broader knowledge of nature, what sustains life and the environment around us, while exploring soils and habitats.