Summer Fun Farm Tours

Get Outside - Pick, Play, Learn

Our Summer Fun Tours are ideal for camps and daycares with children 3 to 12 years old. 

Summer is a more relaxed time but we still need to be active and do interesting things. Our tours are fully guided by experienced instructors who know that.  The focus here is to experience the farm while making learning fun.

Summer Farm Tours are available to book

picking in the fieldsSummer is pick your own from our field’s season and you can pick from a crop that is currently in season.

Kids love to eat what they pick and the whole family gets to enjoy what they bring home.

  • Early July – strawberries (children ages 5 yrs+) and sweet peas
  • Mid July through August – green and yellow beans, tomatoes, zucchini

Children can also have the opportunity for service learning by harvesting in our Giving Garden to give to those in need.

  • Farm Animals
    Meet and feed the animals.  Learn about the farm animals needs and characteristics, how they change as they grow, as well as how we care for them and why we have them.

  • Field Activities
    Explore the growth cycle of the plants, the parts of the plant, the importance of soil, the water cycle and how they are all connected.
    Exercise is encouraged with games and activities that allow the children to experience the farm and explore where their food comes from.  Water play is incorporated on hot days to help keep everyone cool.

  • Experience the seasons
    The activities change with the season.  Summer is the time to pick from the selection of crops in our fields - strawberries, beans, tomatoes, flowers .......

  • Inquiry Based Learning
    Emphasis is placed on activities that are inquiry based, interactive and age appropriate.

  • Wagon Ride
    Take a tour on our wagon around our fields gives you a sense of the scope of farming, the variety of crops and how farms compare to a backyard garden.

  • Our Playground
    gives children the opportunity for safe, unstructured play time in a grassy, natural setting allowing them to experience the fun side of farms.  Imagination reigns in our Barnyard Adventure playground.

  • All tours are fully guided
    by knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors that greet you and stay with you during your visit.

    Personalize your tour with one of our themes

    Our themed tours help us tailor our activities to fit your children’s age and interests.

    • Sheep Basics
    • Bees and Insects
    • Stone Soup
  • Flexible Start and End Times
    Starting times for the tours are flexible to allow for bus schedules and travel times.

  • Relevant take home materials
    are provided to reinforce what they’ve learned once back in the classroom and in their home

  • F.A.Q.
    Visit our F.A.Q page to learn more.

Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding