CSA Add-ons

Simplify your life!

Enhance your CSA food box - Add some delicious share options! 

We have partnered with some local farms and producers to bring you a selection of share options to add into your food box.

Farm Fresh Eggs

add on farm fresh eggs

We have partnered with White Feather Farms in Raglan as our source of fresh large brown eggs.  Their hens are raised in a friendly housing habitat with 24-hour access to homegrown feed, water, light, and ventilation.  Perch bars and nesting pads allow them to practice their natural behaviors free from predators. A clean, litter-free environment keeps them healthy, so no antibiotics are used.

White Feather Farms has an on-farm, Federally inspected grading station where the eggs they produce are graded.  We pick them up fresh from their farm the same week they are laid to provide you with the freshest eggs possible.

Fresh Baked Bread

fresh baked bread

Who can resist fresh bread?  Kawartha Wholesale Bakery, located in the heart of Lindsay specializes in bread, buns, and pastries, all made in-house with preservative-free ingredients. We featured their products last year at our farm and our Markham and Pickering Farmer's markets booths and received great reviews.

Add a fresh baked bread item to your share box.  A different selection each week.  Your taste buds and stomach will thank you.


microgreens We have offered Hulshof Farms microgreens for years and they have a loyal following.  We've now added them as a share option for those who would love to have them on a regular basis.

Microgreens are smaller than "baby greens" because they are harvested soon after sprouting. The nutrients in microgreens are more concentrated than in their fully grown counterparts so a little packs a punch.

They are always in season and can be used as a visual, flavor, and texture enhancement to your dishes.  Use them in salads, stir-fries, soups, omelets, and more.

CSA Members -  Add extras to your food box

Shop from our online store!

You have the convenience of a farmer’s market at your fingertips. Order items from our online farm shop and have them delivered along with your CSA share box.

Go to our online store for a great selection of farm products and fresh produce.

  1. Select "Adding Extra Products to Your Share" at the checkout
  2. Enter your delivery location in the comments section.
  3. We will get your order picked, packed into your share box and sent to you without any added delivery charges.
  4. Please note some produce items are only available at the farm due to their variable supply. Email us a special request on your CSA change form

Here are just a few examples of items you can add.

Velvet Sunrise CoffeeButter TartsHomemade jams with the fruit grown on our farm

Raw, unpasteurized honey from our farm

Sweet Apple Ciderfresh baked pies