Add On Items for CSA Members

The convenience of a farmer’s market at your finger tips. CSA members can order items from our Farm Market to be delivered with their CSA. Please email your requests to to be added to your order.

Items can be paid via EMT to or at market/pick up locations. Please have exact cash available at pick up locations, our drivers do not carry a float.
1 Pies $14.00
    Apple Caramel
    Strawberry Rhubarb
    Wild Blueberry
2 Jam 7.50 or 3 for $20.00
    Strawberry Rhubarb
    Jumbleberry- rhubarb, raspberry, blueberry and strawberry
   Niagara Medley- Peaches, Nectarines & Plums
    Raspberry Peach
    Strawberry Peach
3 Tarts 7.25
   Pecan Butter Tart
   Plain Butter Tart
   Raisin Butter Tart
   Mixed Mini Tarts
   Raspberry Coconut Mini Tarts
4 Loaves
   Banana Bread 7.50
  Chocolate Banana Loaf 7.50
5 Date Squares 9.50
6 Fudge Brownies 9.50
7 Cider 3L 12.00
Cider 5L 17.00
8 Coffee Farmhouse Blend 14.95
Coffee Speciality (Tanzanian) 17.95
9 Honey
Summer or Fall 500 g 10.95
Summer or Fall 1kg 19.95
10 Kountry Kitchen Cupboard  500 ml 8.00
Pickled Beets
Chow Chow
Corn Relish
Fruit Relish
Chili Sauce
Sweet Pickles 8.50
Steak Sauce
Zucchini Relish