Farming Foundations- A Tour for all Ages

Get outside and experience the wonder and joy found on our farm!

Explore the everyday relationships we have with nature and farms using all of your senses.

Activities are geared to the participant's ages and abilities encouraging them to connect the farm to their world through the food they eat and drink and the products they use every day

We aim to strengthen their connection to the world around them to help them build a stronger foundation of knowledge and understanding for a future of healthier choices.

Available May to mid-November - Activities and crops vary with the season.

Stone Soup - Building community and connections through food.
picking beans

Our community-themed Farming Foundations tour          

Participants pick a variety of crops from our fields to take with them keeping in mind the spirit of the "Stone Soup" story.  Everything harvested goes into a basket or box to be later shared.

The focus of this tour is on the community and not the individual.  A good theme to focus on if you have a community service project planned, a food bank to donate to or you're making soup for everyone.  If you wish to divide the harvest equally amongst the participants, this can be done back at your school.

We are stronger as a village.   Available July to September - our growing season.

What's Included?

Visit the animals in our barn and connect by feeding them.  Hands-on, inquiry-based activities help the children

  • To learn more about our farm animals' needs and characteristics
  • Explore how they fit into our everyday lives.
  • Wonder about what they give us?

Depending on the season the children will be planting a strawberry plant to take home or out in our fields harvesting what we grow.  We will investigate

  • the life cycle of the plants,
  • the parts of the plant,
  • the importance of soil,
  • the water cycle

and wonder about how they are all connected.

The plant activities change with the season.  Connect with what we’re growing in the fields.

  • Spring Awakening – children plant a strawberry plant which they will take home to nurture and with care produce some yummy strawberries.
  • Summer is the time to pick from the selection of crops in our fields.
  • Fall – is pumpkin time and the children will pick their own pumpkin to take home with them.

A tour on our tractor drawn wagon around our fields gives you a sense of the scope of farming, the variety of crops we grow, their seasons and how farms compare to a backyard garden.

Emphasis is placed on activities that are inquiry-based, interactive, and age-appropriate.

We believe children learn by doing and try to incorporate several different learning styles into our activities.

Imagination reigns in our Barnyard Adventure playground.  Most tours have time for safe, unstructured play time in a grassy, natural setting.

by knowledgeable, enthusiastic farm educators that greet you and stay with you for the duration of your visit.

Starting times for the tours are flexible to allow for bus schedules and travel times.  Tours start when you arrive.

We suggest the 3 hours as this allows ample time for our program and a lunch break.

A series of online video lessons filmed here on the farm.  Enjoy free access to our Farming Foundations online video educational program for one month.  This allows you to prepare the children for the tour and review the material learned once back in the classroom.

Visit our F.A.Q page to learn more.

Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding