Health & Safety

Have Fun, Stay Safe

Farms hold a deep fascination for children. Our farm is a real, working farm which gives the children firsthand experience in food production and helps them gain an understanding of where their food comes from. There are risks that accompany these farming activities.

We strive to provide a clean, safe environment; being vigilant in controlling and reducing known hazards and risks that can cause physical injury or infection. Your assistance in supervising your children and having them wash their hands will help make your visit a safe, healthy and enjoyable one.

Please closely supervise your children making sure that they:

  • Do not use or pick up farm tools unless permitted to do so by farm staff

  • Do not climb on the fences

  • Keep out of the animal pens

  • Approach animals quietly and gently to avoid startling or scaring them

  • Do not chase, frighten or torment the animals

  • Stay clear of farm machinery and moving tractors

Soil and animals naturally carry a range of micro-organisms (such as e-coli) which can be transmitted to humans and cause ill health. These risks are controllable.

  • Do not eat, drink, smoke or vape near the animals

  • Ensure children keep their fingers out of their mouths before they wash their hands

  • Strollers, baby bottles, pacifiers and food are not permitted in the barn

  • Wash your hands before leaving the animal area and the farm. Wash stations are located throughout the farm.

Persons at high risk for serious infections such as children less than 5 years, the elderly, pregnant women and those who are immuno-compromised, should observe heightened precautions when they are on the farm and around the animals.