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Community Supported Agriculture
Nature's Unfiltered and Simply Good Food

Tasty meals start with good, fresh food.  Meals take time and effort to prepare and it's rewarding when you can savor the flavor of a meal well done.

  • Are you looking for that just picked it from your garden flavor?
  • Would you enjoy the convenience of having a selection of produce picked fresh from our farm's fields and packed ready for you to just start cooking?
  • Do you love the adventure of trying new foods?

Consider joining our CSA farm share program

What is a CSA? Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) programs enable you to support and invest in the farmer’s fruit and vegetable production in exchange for a share of the harvest- fruits, and vegetables fresh from the fields.

A CSA builds closer relationships between the local farmer and their community.  Connect with us to learn more.

Know your farmer, Know your food 

Your membership is an investment in our farm's growing season, sharing in the benefits and the risks of farming.  Membership helps fund the cost of the seeds and plants as well as the growing and the harvesting. You leave the work to us.

Your rewardsCSA share contents

  • Enjoy the bounty of the harvest with a selection of fruits and vegetables fresh from the fields.  Chose your membership level - weekly or biweekly.  Choose your seasons - spring, summer, and/or fall.
  • Get the inside scoop of what's happening on the farm.
  • Opportunities to visit our farm and enjoy the activities we have to offer.

Celebrating our 10th year of our CSA program bringing sustainably grown fruits and vegetables fresh from our farm and the local farming community to you.

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Imagine what life would be like if local farmers in your area got together once a week, bringing with them their finest crops at the peak of the growing season.


Imagine them carefully selecting each item with you in mind, taking the time to piece together a bag of fresh in-season fruits and vegetables just for you.  Save time wondering what is at it's peak of freshness.

Imagine how exciting each share bag would be as you discover new recipes, explore new varieties, find new favourites and become a better chef at home.  Be part of our facebook CSA group sharing your creations.

2022 Forsythe Farms CSA has 3 seasons you can sign up for:

spring, summer and fall.

There's lots of good food here on the farm in all these seasons and our members are loving it.

Join us for 1, 2 or all 3 seasons.

Welcome to our Farm

Welcome to our Farm Learn more here!
CSA Rack Card

Expand your CSA membership by adding on Egg and Meat Shares 

(If you would like to sign up for either of these share add-ons, the option is offered when registering for our regular CSA vegetable shares)

fresh eggsFarm Fresh Egg Share

We have a small flock of egg-laying hens here on our farm for a source of farm-fresh eggs.  Unfortunately, due to government regulations, we can only sell these at the farm.

Farm fresh eggs are delicious and make a great add-on to your CSA fruit and veggie share.

We have partnered with White Feather Farms in Raglan as our source of fresh large brown eggs for our egg shares enabling us to provide you with the freshest eggs possible at our off-farm pickup sites.

White Feather Farms has an on-farm, Federally inspected grading station and grade the eggs they produce.  We pick them up the week they are laid right from their farm.

Their hens are raised in a friendly housing habitat with 24-hour access to homegrown feed, water, light, and ventilation.  Perch bars and nesting pads allow them to practice their natural behaviors free from predators. A clean, litter-free environment keeps them healthy, so no antibiotics are used.

Available with your CSA produce share membership - weekly or biweekly.

roasted chickenMeat Share

Enjoy our Naturally Raised meats!  Our Meat shares will include, first and foremost, meat, naturally raised by us here on our farm, and to ensure variety, may also include meat raised by other local farmers.

Our shares will include an ever-changing variety of Chicken, Beef, Turkey, and Pork products such as Whole Roasting Chickens, Kielbasa, Pork Chops, Ground Beef, Turkey, and much more!

Available with your CSA produce share membership in either Large or Small size, Monthly or Bi-Monthly

Check here for our locations and schedules

Host your own Hub Farmer's Market, at your home or place of work.

Hub Locations

Gather 6 interested friends to participate in the program and Forsythe CSA will arrange delivery to your choice of location within our delivery area.
The delivery fee can vary depending on the location.  The site host is given free delivery as a thank you.
Your participation supports a small local farm and helps bring fresh produce to your community.


"Last season was my first year participating in a CSA and I was dually impressed with the quantity and quality of their produce! I literally couldn't wait to come home to find my weekly produce bag and see what surprises were hidden inside. I absolutely love supporting a local business and the quality of the produce is seriously unreal. I happily refer others to their service as I love hearing their feedback after trying it just once."

~Sarah from Uxbridge

"My husband and I have participated in both the spring-fall share program as well as the winter share program. We have absolutely loved it! It is so exciting when you get the weekly emails telling you what you will be getting in your share that week. As a young, recently married couple we have enjoyed discovering how to cook vegetables that we may never have tried when walking through the grocery store. The CSA program has expanded our recipes as well as helped us eat more fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. The staff at Forsythe are amazing and always willing to meet our needs and make adjustments to our share. The fruits and vegetables always come fresh and are delicious! We have never been disappointed."

~Mary-Elizabeth from Richmond Hill

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed the winter share program. It has been so much fun to get my children involved. My 3 year old daughter has been responsible for putting our cooler out every other Wednesday and she and my 7 year old son rush eagerly to see what is in there in the afternoon. We all really enjoyed the puffed wheat both as a snack on it's own and in an old family recipe for Puffed Wheat Cake that my great-grandmother used to make. Very impressed!

~Jen from Oshawa

I would like to let you know that by choosing to by locally I am getting fresher produce. It lasts much longer and the flavor is usually better. It is very convenient to have it appear at my door.
Also I find that I am going to the grocery store less often so in the long run I am saving money.

~Sandie from Markham

“We are coming up to our 5th year with CSA, which is delivered to my work place. Daniel arrives and everyone at work is excited to see what is in the share that week. It's always a surprise and my family is excited when I arrive home with all the goodies. Daniel always has a smile on his face which makes the day even brighter. Your doing a wonderful job Daniel and you are always providing amazing service.”

~Barbara from Oshawa

Amazing - great product, great people and a seamless accommodating process. Not being able to get the share every week on the same day worried me a bit, but Daniel 100 accommodated the situation and went above in my mind by allowing substitutions of things I wasn't a big fan of in some weekly shares.

~Curtis from Brooklin

CSA connects you to the farm for fresh, locally grown foodThis is Shannon's fourth season with Forsythe Farms CSA.  Her inexhaustible energy and  passion for growing fruits and vegetables can be seen in the fields and crops she manages and the produce she and her crew harvest. She loves to cook as much as she loves to grow the food.

Shannon is also responsible for organizing and packing the farm box shares as well as packing the skids for the farmers markets we attend.  You may on occasion even see her at one of our markets.

You'll get to know Shannon through the season as she keeps everything running as smooth as possible for the spring, summer and fall CSA share seasons.

Forsythe Farms CSA was created by Daniel Forsythe in 2012, shortly after he finished high school as a way to be a part of the farm but have his own unique enterprise.  Daniel is the second generation of the Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. in Uxbridge, Ontario.  He is passionate about the success and growth of the local farm and community.  Daniel is now in Belleville working in the social services area aiding those that are homeless and previously incarcerated.  He enjoys being involved in various local outreach programs. In his spare time, he enjoys time with his young family taking them to visit local farms.

Daniel has handed over the management of his CSA to his parents at Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc while he pursues a post-secondary education and raises his family. His goal is to use his entrepreneurial experience gleaned from his time on the farm and with his CSA to work with young people and help them build skills to succeed in life.