Forsythe Farms CSA

Community Supported Agriculture

Eat Fresh, Eat Seasonally and Eat Locally Grown

Know your farmer, Know your food 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a membership program connecting you to your local farm and its community. 

Love Locally Grown! 

CSA memberships empower those who are actively seeking a healthier lifestyle by simplifying the process of obtaining and enjoying fresh, seasonal, and locally grown foods.

Our members tell us that the regular delivery of farm boxes filled with our seasonal fruit and vegetables saves them time as they make fewer trips to the grocery store.  It also saves them money as the produce keeps longer because of its freshness. 

Regular newsletters make budgeting and meal planning easier as well as giving guidance on how to prepare some of the more unusual items and easy tips on reducing food waste.

Membership benefits such as on-farm discounts and FREE admission to our activities cultivate a closer connection to our farm enabling you to take an active interest in knowing where your food comes from.

Celebrating the 12th year of our CSA

Imagine what your meals would taste like if local farmers got together to bring you their finest veggies at their peak of ripeness.


Imagine them taking the time to piece together a bag of fresh in-season fruits and vegetables just for you. Enjoy the bounty of the harvest!

Imagine how exciting meals could be as you discover new recipes, explore new varieties, find new favorites.  Eating becomes an adventure.

Your CSA membership is an investment in our farm's growing season.  It helps in funding the cost of the seeds and plants, and in growing the crops.  Enjoy the rewards - a share of the harvest and a closer connection with our farm and what we do.

Make your meals taste great! Savor the flavor of fresh fruits and veggies that are picked and packed fresh for you

CSA Rack Card

Your Membership Rewards - 

  • Share in the bounty of the harvest with a selection of fruits and vegetables fresh from our fields and other local Ontario farmers.
  • Choose flexibility with monthly, and bi-weekly summer options.  4 bi-weekly Fall shares and 2 Holiday share options.
  • Season begins May 13th and extends to December
  • Our newsletters give you the inside scoop on what's happening at the farm.
  • Grow your farm connection. Admission is free for you and your family. Visit our farm and enjoy the activities we have to offer.

Our CSA is more than just fruits and veggies, we grow connections!

Our members are loving it.


"Love the free access to the farm in addition to the produce."


“I love picking up my share at the farmers market, chatting with your super helpful staff and seeing all the fresh produce available!"


"Very pleased with the variety. Friendly atmosphere when picking up my share"


“Being able to swap produce for others. Great feature!!!! Feel good supporting local farmers "


“I loved the fact that we were eating food that was produced so close to home and in a small way supporting our neighbours."


The quantity, quality and taste of the contents of a CSA share far surpass that what you get from a grocery chain store shopping trip and contributing to the farmers that produce these goods is something we should support.


“The quality and quantity always exceeds expectation and so thankful we have access to local food! See you next season!"


Being a CSA member gave me options and I did not have to keep running to the store.

-Daphne K

CSA membership allowed me to support local farmers which is very important to me. The price of the CSA enables me to enjoy fresh, healthy, local produce while I try to pay sky-high rent which leaves little funds left over for all other costs.

-Danielle G

CSA membership simplified grocery shopping, increased our vegetable consumption

-Mary-Elizabeth V

CSA shares are a convenient way to eat local and lots of produce

-Shirley Y

CSA Membership simplified and reduced grocery shopping. We worked with what we got and experimented with different recipes along the way to use up the produce we received. Elaine W

-Elaine W

We loved visiting the farm play yard and animals! Our kiddos loved the little kittens and baby bunnies.  Last summer our daughter found a monarch caterpillar there, we took it home to protect it, and we released it after it hatched from its chrysalis. Janna W

-Janna W

Having the option of a monthly share last summer worked really well for us. It is just my husband and I. He is a picky eater so this option was great. Also the swapping option. Being emailed prior to the the pick up date of what is included in the share is appreciated

-Lori V

Join our CSA for Nature's Unfiltered and Simply Good Food

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Spring/Summer - 6 Monthly or 12 biweekly shares beginning May 13th through to October

Love Local Longer - 4 biweekly Fall shares beginning October 21st through to December

Celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our special Holiday Shares

Good food from our farm May to December!

Sign up for what fits your schedule:

Host your own Hub at your home or place of work.

Hub Locations

Gather 10 interested friends to participate in the program.  Bring fresh produce to your community.

Forsythe Farms CSA will arrange delivery to your choice of location within our York, Durham region delivery area.

The delivery fee can vary depending on the location.  The site host is given free delivery as a thank you.

Strengthen your local connections while supporting a small local farm.

Forsythe Farms CSA was created by Daniel Forsythe in 2012, shortly after he finished high school.  It was a way for him to be a part of our farm but have his own enterprise.

Daniel is the second generation of the Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc.  He is passionate about the success and growth of the local farm and community.  He is now in Belleville working in the social services community.  He enjoys being involved in various local outreach programs. His goal is to use his entrepreneurial experience gleaned from his time on the farm and his CSA to work with young people helping them build skills to succeed in life.  In his spare time, he enjoys time with his young family taking them to visit local farms.

Daniel has handed over the management of his CSA to his parents at Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc.