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Our Story

Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. is owned and operated by Jim and Leslie Forsythe.

Eat Fresh from the field – Eat Local

Jim has been growing for the GTA in York Region for over 41 years, beginning in Markham in 1972 with cash crops. He then switched to growing and marketing fresh fruits and vegetables selling directly to the public through an outdoor market and pick your own at 14th and McCowan Rd.

We relocated, due to development, to our Kennedy Rd location in 1986. Along with our on-farm market and pick your own, we became well known as a fun family destination and offered school tours and birthday parties. After 27 years at this location, our lease was terminated.

We’re back in the country!

Our on-farm market, fun farm family activities, school tours, field trips and birthday party programs are now at our home farm in Greenbank, located in Durham Region just 10 minutes east of Uxbridge. We’ve been establishing our roots here since 1997. Celebrating the harvest with our seasonal festivals are still highlights in our growing year. You can still find us at the Markham Fair which takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving.

We’re bringing the farm closer to you. Check out the farmers markets we attend as well as our son’s CSA (community supported agriculture) programs.

A guiding principle in all we do –

It is important for everyone to stay connected to farms, knowing and caring about where their food comes from.

Our school tours and field trips were developed with this mission in mind. We’ve been hosting preschool and primary school groups from York, Durham and Toronto regions for over 25 years and continue to do so here in Greenbank.

Many of our activities for the public provide opportunities to reconnect to agriculture and nature through our pick your own crops, a fun farmyard, forest trail and our on farm market with produce fresh from our fields.

Our own education is ongoing. We are continually seeking out new ideas and better ways of doing things through tours, conferences and suggestions from our staff and customers. This way we strive to keep our farm fresh and fun for our family, staff and our customers.

Thanks for the memories

For many of you, visiting our Markham farm location was a long standing tradition. Each new season we reconnected; watching your kids grow and over the years come back with families of their own. This is what makes our farm so special to us.

We thank you for being a part of our lives. We also thank you for your continued support here in Greenbank and with our son’s various enterprises.