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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Online Farm Education Packages

How will I receive the PDF worksheets that accompany each video?2020-10-26T12:04:39-04:00

The PDFs are available for download on the pages with the videos for you to access once you have paid for your program.

I purchased my package, but when I went to activate it, it was expired?2021-02-05T14:35:07-05:00

When you purchase your package, you need to activate it as soon as possible to be registered and create your password.   If you forget and get this message, please contact us at forsythefamilyfarms@gmail.com and we will set up your access.

Is there a discount for reactivating a license that has expired?2020-10-26T12:08:35-04:00

We do not have a discount for renewals.  We have tried to price the lessons at a cost that is accessible for everyone and once purchased are available for a full year of viewing.  We appreciate that you would like to renew your viewing license.

I purchased a video package at the end of the school year, so will I be able to play it again in September?2020-10-26T12:10:32-04:00

Yes! Your video lessons are available for a full year of viewing from the date of purchase.

If I purchase one level, but decide to purchase additional levels at a later date, will the bulk discount apply?2020-10-26T12:13:12-04:00

Yes!  We're happy you've enjoyed our lessons and would like to see more.  It may take a couple of extra steps to enable us to give you a discount but we'll work it out.

Am I able to share this video with another teacher and class?2020-10-26T12:20:43-04:00

We have priced the videos to be affordable for most families and classrooms.   While you have the ability to view the videos on a maximum of 3 devices and could technically share it with another class, we appreciate your integrity in respecting the exclusivity of your license purchased.

We encourage you to promote the videos to others as a useful teaching tool if you so wish but would ask that each class or family purchase their own license to view.

Like many small businesses right now, we are facing difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic due to the inability to host our usual farm tours. These videos were created to sustain the educational component of our farm until we are able to welcome students and teachers back to the farm once again.

We feel it is important for children to continue to learn about farms and where their food comes from.

We appreciate your support of our farm during this challenging time.

Do I need to have the internet to play the video to my classroom?2020-10-26T12:21:37-04:00

Yes, either a WIFI or internet connection is necessary.  The videos are available for viewing only and are not downloadable.

Am I able to preview the videos before showing to my classroom or will I be charged an additional cost?2020-10-26T12:22:56-04:00

Once you purchase the videos they will be available for viewing on 3 different devices.  This will allow you access to the videos for preview or viewing as often as you like at no extra cost for the year the license is active for.

We offer you this flexibility so that you can view at home to prepare for class and have the options of different devices for viewing in class.

I’ve purchased my subscription, but haven’t received any email2020-11-05T17:02:07-05:00

Be sure to check your junk or spam folders as they are likely where they are hiding.  If you cannot find them, you can go to https://forsythefamilyfarms.com/wp-login.php and click on the link that says "Lost your password?"  You will be asked for the email address that you registered with and then will be sent an email with a link to change your password.

If you are still having issues, please email us at forsythefamilyfarms@gmail.com and we will get you signed in.

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