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Frequently Asked Questions

About our Online Farm Education Packages

I booked my tour and received my access code but when I tried to activate the program, it was expired.2023-02-10T14:35:56-05:00

When you book your tour, you will be sent an email with your access code.  You need to activate it as soon as possible to be registered.  Then create your password.  Access will be available for at least 2 weeks before your tour to one month following your tour.

Please contact us at forsythefamilyfarms@gmail.com if you get the message that your access has expired, and we will reset it for you.

How will I receive the worksheets that accompany each video?2023-02-10T12:10:09-05:00

The activity and resource sheets are in PDF format and available for download.

You will find them listed on the page with the accompanying video lesson.

Am I able to share this video with another teacher and class?2023-02-10T14:40:10-05:00

While you can view the videos on a maximum of 3 devices and could technically share it with another class, we appreciate your integrity in respecting the exclusivity of your access.

We encourage you to promote the videos and our tour programs to others as a useful teaching experience. We feel it is important for children to learn about farms and where their food comes from.

If other teachers are interested in visiting our farm we would be happy to connect with them.  They will then be granted their exclusive access to our video program.

We appreciate your support of our farm.

Do I need to have the internet to play the video to my classroom?2023-02-10T14:42:53-05:00

Yes, either a WIFI or internet connection is necessary.  The videos are available for viewing only and are not downloadable.

Am I able to preview the videos before showing to my classroom?2023-02-10T15:25:38-05:00

Yes, you will be able to preview the videos outside of the classroom.

The videos are available for viewing on 3 different devices.  This will allow you access to them for preview or viewing as often as you like for the period your access is available.

We offer you this flexibility so that you can view it at home to prepare for class and have the option of different devices for viewing in class.

I’ve booked my tour but haven’t received any email giving me access to the videos2023-02-10T14:49:29-05:00

Unfortunately, that can sometimes happen.  Be sure to check your junk or spam folders as that is likely where they are hiding. We try hard not to be dumped in the spam folder but it can happen.

If you cannot find the email, please let us know at forsythefamilyfarms@gmail.com and we will resend you your access code.  Adding us to your contact list helps us land in your inbox and stay out of your spam folder.

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