Lessons from Our Farm- A Virtual Field Trip

Learning through wonder and joy

Online Farm Education Packages - Preschool to Grade 4 

Feeling overwhelmed in these challenging times of COVID 19?  Struggling to develop lessons that actually stick with the children? Keeping your children at home for schooling?  Looking for an enriching experience and engaging curriculum related material the children will enjoy and remember?

Let us help you.

We’ve gone digital to bring you Lessons from our Farm; an online series of 6 videos filmed right here on our farm. We’ll help you explore your food's journey farm to fork by digging into the foundational concepts behind the food we eat and materials we use everyday.

Lessons from our Farm

An online farm field trip

Farms make for the best classrooms; they are a natural place for the total immersion of the senses with so much to see and do.

Our video lessons feature our farm’s favorite tour activities which:

  • Captivate the children’s attention, cultivating their innate sense of wonder and curiosity
  • Meet curriculum requirements in science, health and language for age’s preschool to grade 4.
  • Are fun, engaging and memorable proving time and again to make learning stick
  • Explore foundational concepts relevant to the children's daily lives

Use our videos as an introduction to your unit or as a review to enhance your lesson taught.

About our Online Video Series

Our six videos are approximately 5-7 min long and are rich in visuals featuring our farm’s animals, plants  and habitats. They are filled with information to give you a firm foundation upon which to evaluate your children's comprehension level and retention of the material presented.

We’re building on the basics: We aim to ignite the children’s curiosity and wonder while covering concepts integral to the following primary grade curriculum requirements.

  • Characteristics and needs of plants and animals (grade 1)
  • Daily and seasonal cycles (grade 1)
  • Growth and changes in plants and animals (grade 2,3)
  • Soil (grade 3)
  • Urban and rural (grade 3)
  • Ecosystems and Habitats (grade 4)

Woven throughout these presentations are five of the big ideas of sustainability - systems, diversity, interdependence, cycles and change over time.

The videos are structured into 3 units of 2 videos with each unit building upon the previous level.  Activity sheets are included with each video to prime the children’s interest and focus their attention on the concepts presented.

Level 1

Farming Foundations for all ages

Visit with our farm animals. See how they change as they grow.

Plants are the primary source of food. What do they need to survive?  Have some fun with healthy eating.

Level 2

Farming Foundations Expanded

Visit with our beekeeper and see inside a hive. What are bees and why are they important to our survival.

Follow the journey of the egg from our farm to your plate.

Level 3

Digging Deeper into Sustainability

Soil is alive and an essential source of life and nutrients for living things.

Our farm is our home, an ecosystem with a wonderful mix of living and nonliving things in a variety of habitats. Let's explore them.

Enhance your lessons using our online video series as an introduction to your lesson plan, use them as a review or as bookends to your unit.

  • Engage all ages in learning as the concepts focused on are foundational with the more advanced information in subtitles
  • The ideas presented are launching pads that offer numerous opportunities to enrich and expand knowledge on the various concepts through conversation and investigation.
  • Create word walls for your students to expand their vocabulary; we use the correct terms to describe products and cycles.
  • Children can build on the ideas presented making connections to their world through the food they eat and the items they use every day.

Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. is a 50 acre fruit and vegetable farm nestled in the hills of Durham Region a short drive from Toronto.  With a history of over 30 years of engaging students in the journey of their food from farm to fork, we strive to continue strengthening their farm connection.

Cultivate Curiosity        Plant Knowledge       Harvest Understanding

This project was made possible with the partnership of Central Counties Tourism