• Oh, the flavour of a sun-ripened tomato fresh off the vine.  Our tomato crop is plentiful this year and we're picking them as they ripen.  Half bushels and bushels of our tomatoes will be available as the weather and the crop permits.  We recommend preordering. Preserve the flavour of summer by freezing or canning to enjoy in the depths of winter when making your soups, sauces, and casseroles.
  • We had a bountiful harvest of our Round and Roma tomatoes so the extra went into our freezer.  With time in the winter they were then thawed, strained and stewed to perfection. Frozen to preserve their fresh from the field flavor in 750 ml containers these tomatoes make a delicious base for your soups, sauces and vegetable dishes.  The rich taste of the summer harvest shines through with no salt, seasoning or preservatives added. Meals made simple!
  • Tomatoes – Roma

    Time to take control of the food you eat.  Imagine knowing all the ingredients in your tomato sauce because you made it? Preserving can be easy and so delicious.  Our Roma tomato varieties that we grow have been chosen keeping flavor as a priority.
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