Who wrote our farm song.. Meet Angie

Angela DurbinMy name is Angela Durbin and I enjoyed 5 fulfilling years working at Forsythe Family Farms.  I continue to help out with Markham Fair and their Fall Harvest Season.  Not only did I learn so much about farm life but working on the farm proved to be rewarding and beneficial for both my physical and mental well-being.  It was my home away from home!  I developed many friendships, especially with Jim and Leslie.  They helped give me the confidence and inspiration to be creative, think on my feet and discover what I wanted out of life.

A memorable time on the farm was when I got lost in the corn maze - I went in when it was daylight and found my way out when it was dark!   Some favourite highlights include: working with children, learning to drive a tractor - go figure!, greeting customers, booking tours, composing and singing the "Forsythe Farms" song which you can watch below.

....Although, if this Covid-19 lasts much longer, I may have to rewrite the song!