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Summer on the Farm

What you see when you visit the farm in the summer is the bounty of food coming in from the fields, flowers to be picked and enjoyed and farm animals with their babies. Behind the scenes there is a farm crew working hard tending the fields and the farm animals, taking advantage of the longer [...]

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It’s Local Farm Week!

Strawberries have started, which is a wonderful treat and an excuse to visit your local farm or farmers market. But you never need an excuse! We were mentioned in this Ontario's Local Food Report, 2021.  They talk about how some farms (ourselves included) are leading efforts to engage young people in agriculture.  We are very [...]

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Soil – an essential element in our survival

As the spring warms us all up the farmers are putting all their winter made plans into action.  The soil temperature is rising and renewed plant life is found.  Time to get some seeds in the ground. Soil is an essential element to our survival and farmers are stewards of their soil.  It makes the [...]

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Spring has arrived on the farm!!!!

Spring is a welcome time of renewal.  Here on the farm we experience the rhythms in nature and learn to work with them. This warm weather has given Farmer Jim a window of opportunity to plant some early season peas.  If all goes well we should have peas mid June instead of late June. There [...]

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Good Food with a Good Story

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local movement was gaining momentum as far back as 2008 exploded this past year as COVID 19 exposed challenges in our food supply system. The focus of where our food comes from shifted to sourcing locally grown with nearly 5% of Canadians surveyed saying they have bought food directly from farmers since [...]

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Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder is the phenomenon in which children are experincing nature through computers and books rather than firsthand experience.  In this time of lockdown this not only applies to children but adults as well.   Being outside in nature has proven health benefits. Check out our latest newsletter for ideas on how you can strengthen [...]

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Rising to the Challenge of going Online

Keeping the Farm and Education Connected For over 30 years Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. has been welcoming students of all ages onto our farm for educational tours incorporating hands on, interactive experiences in learning the journey of their food from farm to fork.  We've now taken our [...]

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Kay Traicoff

Some of you have met Kay, one of our farm tour instructors here on the farm.  She has put on many hats since COVID 19 hit.  Kay loves people, especially little people.  This strawberry season she has been front and center as our greeter, strawberry field supervisor and our farm sanitizer extraordinaire.  Here is [...]

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Reporter Thomas – for week 6

Special Guest Reporter For Week 6 Kid reporter Thomas here again with another interview with Jim and Leslie Forsythe of Forsythe Family Farms and field manager Shannon. What are some of your favourite things in the market currently? Farmer Jim: The strawberries. What is the farm growing currently? FJ: We are currently growing lettuce, kale, beets, [...]

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