apple cider 3L & 5L"Bringing the fresh taste of nature to your table"

This past Halloween Day we had our 9th annual cider pressing day.  With the hard work of the Giessberger brothers and our staff -at least 2 bins of apples picked from our orchard and 6 bins of locally grown apples -were pressed into cider, over 1500 liters of cider.

A process that was interesting for all to see.

With multiple family generations of cider pressing behind them, Garry and Gord Giessberger have kept up with the times and innovations in their business.  Their mobile cider press is a welcome site on a multitude of apple orchards big and small. As they travel around Ontario to various apple orchards, small and large apple growers now have an option to add value to their apples rather than shipping them - cider pressed from their apples in packaging that requires no refrigeration and with a best before date a year away.  Fresh, sweet with no added sugar or preservatives, it's a healthy juice the way nature intended.

Why this processing procedure?
As quoted from their website "We provide sterile processing with high-tech equipment, innovative high temperature/ short time pasteurizer and convenient Bag-in-Box packaging.
The Bag-in-Box packaging system gives our ciders a shelf life of 1 year without preservatives or refrigeration.
The mobile mill meets all health regulations and is capable of processing and packaging up to 2 - 20 bushel bins of apples per hour, producing 500 litres of freshly-pressed pasteurized cider."  

I couldn't have said it better.

We were really excited to get our apples pressed into cider by them.  We have an annual booking for the last Sunday in October. We're looking forward to year 10 in 2022.