Sign up online to have your share picked, packed and ready for your pick up at whichever location you choose.

  • Produce is packed into blue bins, labeled with your name and available for pick-up at the farm/hub/farmers market location of your choice at the day and times specified.

    Don’t forget to bring your reusable bags to transfer your produce into.

  • If you are picking up at our farm, come into our market, let the staff know you are a member and they will be happy to get it for you. After a couple of pick-ups, they’ll know your name!  Take time to shop for other delicious farm products and enjoy our farms activities.

  • If you are at a location where you are to pick up your share that has been left by our delivery driver, please empty the bin's contents into your reusable bag then stack your bin with the other empty bins.

  • If you are a Hub Host, please ensure the empty bins are outside on the next share delivery day for us to collect. We sanitize and reuse them on your next delivery date.

  • If you pick up at a farmers market location staffed by an employee, you will be handed your bin for you to pack into your reusable bag. We will keep the bin.