Some of you have met Kay, one of our farm tour instructors here on the farm.  She has put on many hats since COVID 19 hit.  Kay loves people, especially little people.  This strawberry season she has been front and center as our greeter, strawberry field supervisor and our farm sanitizer extraordinaire.  Here is her story.

Kay TraicoffHi, my name is Kay Traicoff, and I have been working on the farm for ten plus years. I do many types of jobs around the farm, and there are always things to do. The farm is most alive and fun when people visit and experience all the amazing things it has to offer. I enjoy the relaxing country view, being outside, interacting with people, animals on the farm, and all the fresh food that we grow, and of course, we eat. Yummy!
One of my favorite stories from working on the farm was when I was teaching a school group last Fall. It was a very dreary, rainy day but as always, we go rain or shine. I put a smile on my face and hoped for the best. It must have been my lucky day because the group that I ended up with was awesome!
Usually, we only visit the barn once but we ended up visiting the barn and fed the animals three times because it was indoors. It rained when we picked a pumpkin, walked through the corn maze, and on the wagon ride. We sang songs, played in the rain, laughed and had lots of fun. The children loved going back to the barn again and again. They picked their own animal food, enjoyed some extended interaction with the animals, especially cuddling with the bunnies. We even went to the giving garden to pick veggies for families in need, and because of the rain, we ran back to the barn for the last visit before the group had to go. As they were leaving, teachers, parents, and children said thank you and that this was their best trip ever. They hoped to come back again soon.

Wow, who would have guessed this day would turn out to be the "Best Tour Ever"!!!
Keep smiling!