CSA – Community Supported Agriculture Membership – Love locally grown!

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food!
CSA membership is a solution to eating healthier. As a share member, you will receive an ever-changing seasonal variety of fresh-picked, locally-grown produce on a regular basis along many other benefits.

Our CSA is more than just fruits and vegetables, we grow connections!
Keep up to date with regular newsletters, save with exclusive promotions, and enjoy free admission to our farm’s fun, family activities, and events.

Our CSA Programs run from May until December.
•Summer Season Membership – May 14th until Sunday, October 20th
Bi-weekly Shares – 12 shares – 23 weeks
Monthly share option of 6 shares – available for pick-up within the first share week of each month
•Fall Season Membership – October 21st until December 9th
Bi-Weekly Shares – 4 shares – 7 weeks

New this year!
•Bundle the Seasons and Save – Sign up for both seasons with a single click and enjoy over 5 months of regular delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables
•Holiday Share Boxes – Enjoy specially curated boxes to make your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals amazing. An easy add-on to your seasonal share program.
•Add-on shares – You’ve enjoyed our egg shares for a number of years. We’ve expanded this year to include Fresh Bread and Microgreen shares. Delivered with your farm share box.

Click here for our pickup locations and schedules.
Please download your location schedule to keep track of your pick-up dates

Click here for answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

  • This share is all about flexibility!

    Have a busy summer planned making it difficult to commit to a bi-weekly summer share? Need more flexibility in your pick-up schedule?  Not to worry, we have you covered. "Having the option of a monthly share worked really well for us. It is just my husband and I. He is a picky eater so this option was great. Also the swapping option. Being emailed prior to the pickup date of what is included in the share is appreciated" Lori Six share boxes are scheduled for pick-up during the first Biweekly share week of each month starting the week of May 13th and ending the week of September 30th. Not available to pick up on your scheduled week?  No Problem.  You can reschedule for a more convenient date and location during that month. Back into a routine once school starts and love our program? Think about bundling your seasons to save! Check out our Flexible Full Season Bundle so you can love local longer.
  • Know your Farmer, Know your Food!

    Make healthy eating simple and convenient. Join our CSA community - try some new foods and recipes.  Reduce your trips to the grocery store. You will receive 12 bi-weekly shares of fresh from the field fruits and vegetables starting the week of May 13th and ending Sunday, October 20th.  Enjoy all your CSA membership benefits.  Summer at the farm is fun and delicious! "The quantity, quality, and taste of the contents of a CSA share far surpass that what you get from a grocery chain store shopping trip" Vince
  • Love Local Longer!

    The abundance and variety of the fall harvest add a delicious component to those comfort foods we love. Embrace locally grown and savor the flavor. Your fall CSA share provides you with membership benefits and an array of late-season fruits and vegetables to eat now or store for the winter.  Enjoy- Apples, Pears, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Leeks, Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Rutabaga, Parsnips, Carrots, Beets, Onions, Garlic, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Sprouts, Mushrooms... And more! You will receive 4 bi-weekly shares beginning the week of October 21st to the week ending December 8th. “Being a CSA member meant guaranteed fresh local produce, eggs, variety" Mike R Click here for Pick-up Locations and Schedules. The pick-up dates and times will vary depending on the pick-up location.
  • Enjoy the freshness and flavour of locally grown fruits and veggies without the commitment of a CSA membership. Our farm box is filled with the same selection of fruits and veggies found in the current week’s CSA share box, some of which are exclusive to our shares. Farm Boxes are available during our regular summer and fall CSA seasons.   Click here to see the schedules of our pick-up locations.  Confirm your preferred pick-up location when purchasing. Please note that the private locations are not available for pickup.  Delivery charges may apply.
  • Keep Christmas Local! 

    Make your Christmas dinner special with the delicious taste of locally grown produce! Consider giving our Christmas share box as a thoughtful gift for those who don’t need more stuff. We’ve curated a selection of our fruits and veggies that will make your Christmas dinner scrumptious and still give you some left for the winter. Available for pick up at the Markham Hub (Saturday, Dec 21st) or at the Farm (Thursday, Dec 19th–Sunday, Dec 22nd).
  • Love Local Longer while keeping summer flexible!

    We’ve made it easy for you!  Sign up for the monthly summer share and biweekly fall share seasons with one click. Sit back, relax, and embrace the flavours of each season worry-free from May to December.  Save time, memory, and money. Your future self will be grateful. You’ll receive 10 shares starting the week of May 13th, through to the week of December 2nd. "Having the option of a monthly share last summer worked really well for us." Lori V Bonus – Choose our encore Christmas Holiday share box for Half Price as a thank-you. The holiday box is available for pick up at the Farm or the Markham Hub.
  • Love Local Longer with our Full Season Bundle

    We've made it easy for you!  Sign up for both the biweekly summer and fall share seasons with one click. Sit back, relax, and enjoy an extended seasonal supply of fresh fruits and vegetables worry-free from May to December.  Save time, memory, and money. Your future self will be grateful. You’ll receive 17 shares starting the week of May 13th, through to Sunday, December 8th. Bonus -  We appreciate your full-season support and have included our Thanksgiving Holiday share box for FREE as a thank-you.  “I am very happy with the Forsythe Farm CSA program. Thank you for continuing to offer the program at a price point that enables those of us on very tight budgets to enjoy fresh locally grown produce." Danielle G
  • Enjoy the bounty of the harvest!

    Thanksgiving celebrates a season of plenty as the summer harvest ends and the fall harvest peaks.  It’s a time when locally grown fruits and vegetables are abundant. Our Thanksgiving Share box is an opportunity to extend these seasonal offerings. Take some pressure off your planning.  We've carefully curated a variety of fruits and vegetables to help make your Thanksgiving dinner a feast of flavours. Fresh turkeys are available by special order. (We have a limited supply, please order early)
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