Special Guest Reporter For Week 5

Week 5 ThomasHi, kid reporter Thomas reporting the results of my interview with Forsythe Family Farms owner Farmer Jim, and their Field Manager Shannon.

Here is what they had to say about the farm this week!

Farmer Jim is loving the strawberries in the market this week, while Shannon’s favourite is the kohlrabi

I asked what some of the things that are in season that you are growing? 

Farmer Jim talked about the peas, lettuce, and zucchini, and Shannon mentioned beets, lettuce, kale, and kohlrabi (she loves her kohlrabi!)

Other local farmers are growing things like hay and garlic right now.

When I asked about any challenges the farm was facing this week, Farmer Jim was concerned about drought and the heat, and Shannon worried there wasn’t enough time to get things done.

But in spite of the weather, Farmer Jim said the crops and animals are doing well.

ChickenIs there anything exciting going on on the farm this week?

Farmer Jim was excited that this week we had new turkey poults, and a possible baby goat coming. When I asked Shannon, she was excited for the Farmer’s Markets we’re at.

I was interested to know the difference between the farm and my garden at home, Farmer Jim talked about  the larger scale and the need for machinery on the farm. Shannon talked about the amount of work and the time it takes to monitor crops.

Talking about time - did you know that this week, Farmer Jim spent nearly 14 hours a day working on the farm (starting at 5 am!), and Shannon spent anywhere from 8-10 hours on the farm. I’d like to thank them for taking the time to answer my questions about farm life!