This workshop is currently paused. 

We are incorporating soil and habitat activities for grades 3 & 4 into our Farm and Forest Tour.

Science in Agriculture – Soil and Habitats

 Calling all Grade 3's and 4's

fields of zucchini blossoms

Know it, do it and apply it

Help your student’s progress beyond a basic understanding of soil or habitats to applying what they have learned about these concepts to their daily lives.

What better place than on a farm to cultivate their curiosity while helping them develop an attitude of conservation and caring for their environment and each other.

  • Community

  • Systems

  • Diversity

  • Sustainability

  • Conservation

  • Adaptation

  • Food Chain and Food Web

  • Add On a Pick Your Own or Giving Garden Experience

Grade 3 – Soil Workshop

Get Down and Get Dirty!

Help! Our top soil is disappearing. The reality of locally grown food is being pushed further and further out of the GTA as good farmland is being developed to make way for housing, roads and industry. How can we be sustainable?

Save our Planet!

Land available upon which we can actually grow food is limited. The activity- Earth as an Apple illustrates this clearly. Whereas, 3/4’s of the apple represents the oceans and other bodies of water on the planet, only a 1/32nd slice of the apple represents’ soil suitable for food production. This is such a minuscule portion considering that soil is an essential component in our survival.

Throughout the workshop, children will investigate- the Big Ideas of Sustainability - including the properties of soil in different habitats on the farm, composting and regeneration of soil. Through the understanding of our dependence upon soil for our survival students have a greater ability to make a difference in their world.

Grade 4 – Habitat Workshop 

Come and discover community! Lets Go House Hunting…

Explore the different habitats on our farm; find what they have to offer to a variety of plants, animals and organisms.

We all search for communities in which to live happily, as do all other creatures on this planet.

What are they looking for in order to survive and thrive?

We’ll wonder while we wander –  How are we connected?  What is community?  Interdependence – Where do different organisms fit into the food chain and web? What are the Fabulous 5 components for survival?

All our tours Include ...

– Meet and feed the animals.  Learn about the farm animals needs and characteristics, how they change as they grow, as well as how we care for them and why we have them.

–  Explore the growth cycle of the plants, the parts of the plant, the importance of soil, the water cycle and how they are all connected.

The activities change with the season.  Connect with what we’re growing in the fields.

  • Spring Awakening – children plant a strawberry plant which they will take home to nurture and with care produce some yummy strawberries.
  • Summer is the time to pick from the selection of crops in our fields.
  • Fall – is pumpkin time and the children will pick their own pumpkin to take home with them.

Emphasis is placed on activities that are inquiry based, interactive and age appropriate.

Take a tour on our wagon around our fields gives you a sense of the scope of farming, the variety of crops and how farms compare to a backyard garden.

-gives children the opportunity for safe, unstructured play time in a grassy, natural setting allowing them to experience the fun side of farms.  Imagination reigns in our Barnyard Adventure playground.

-by knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors that greet you and stay with you during your visit.

Starting times for the tours are flexible to allow for bus schedules and travel times.

-is provided to reinforce what they’ve learned once back in the classroom and in their home

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Cultivating Curiosity,  Planting Knowledge,  Harvesting Understanding