Keeping the Farm and Education Connected

2020 has brought changes to the education system as never seen before.

Many of us here at Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. are parents currently experiencing the challenges of our children adapting to new learning strategies during these COVID times.

We also see and understand the challenges educators are having in developing and presenting interesting, relevant educational material while having limits placed on real life experiences that enhance learning.

We feel passionate about not letting this current situation take away the opportunity for Preschool to Grade 4 students to participate in Farm Education.

For over 30 years Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc. has been welcoming students of all ages onto our farm for educational tours incorporating hands on, interactive experiences in learning the journey of their food from farm to fork.

We've now taken our farm tour lessons digital bringing you our most popular tour activities to view online. With visually rich and engaging material, it's the next best thing to being here on the farm.

Lessons from our Farm

Over these past months we have risen to the challenge of creating new ways to continue connecting children to farms and nature while still meeting the expectations of the Ontario Science and Technology and the Health and Physical Education Curriculums.

We invite you and your students to join us with
our digital Lessons from our farm. 

Our online video lessons focus on the concepts required in the Ontario Science and Technology Curriculum - Understanding Life Systems as well as the Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Strand D - Healthy Living for preschool to Grade 4 level .

Our lessons, filmed here at our farm, relay foundational concepts in a fun and engaging way for learning that actually sticks.  Worksheets accompanying each video help the student focus while watching, review what they have just seen and dig deeper into the concepts presented.

Parts of a Bee

For Teachers; Take your Learning Further

Enhance your lessons using our online video series as an introduction to your lesson plan, as a review or as bookends to your unit.

Hen on an egg


Use our videos to supplement other homeschool curriculum.

Visit our introduction page, which will provide you with a glance at what you would be receiving if you partnered with us in your home or classroom.