bouquet of flowersWhat you see when you visit the farm in the summer is the bounty of food coming in from the fields, flowers to be picked and enjoyed and farm animals with their babies.
Behind the scenes there is a farm crew working hard tending the fields and the farm animals, taking advantage of the longer days of sunlight to do their work.
Farming is governed by the seasons and summer is one of our busiest times of our year. We are not only reaping the benefits of all our winter and spring planning and planting through harvesting the fruits and vegetables we are still planting to extend the harvest season into the fall.
Summer is a time of easy to prepare meals with the bounty of sweet corn, tomatoes, greens, and an assortment of other vegetables that can be grilled, steamed or eaten raw.
Come out and enjoy the fresh air with the ever-present breeze keeping the countryside cooler than the city. Cut a bouquet of flowers and take home a smile. Pick fresh for delicious meals and have some fun while here.
Book online to make your visit easy although walk in spots are available.