Passion for Connecting

The Passion for Connecting Farmer Jim and Leslie were so happy to have met with many of you visiting the farm on the Victoria Day long weekend.  Connection to our farm and the farmer who grows your food is an important part of our CSA program.  We hope you take us up on the offer [...]

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A Season of Extremes, Fall 2018

A Season of Extremes First off THANK YOU for supporting the farm this past season. It has been a true honour to grow for your family and share the fruits of our labour with you. We sat down with Farmer Jim, who has been next to impossible to book a few minutes of his time [...]

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Our Bees, July 2018

Celebrate Honey - The Buzz on Bees We love our bees and we would like for you to love them too! Bees are so misunderstood. When people think of bees they usually think of bee stings( Ouch! ) but the bees are only defending their hives to produce the next generation of our most important [...]

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Terroir Late May 2018

Terroir In this newsletter we are going to take a closer look at the four factors that influence terroir. Terroir is the idea that food has specific qualities influenced by place (soil and climate) the seeds, and the farming practices. There is no truer expression of a region’s unique combination of geography and climate, than [...]

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The Farm May 2018

Hello, It is finally happened, spring decided to show up and is in full force. The team at Forsythe Family Farms is working nonstop! My name is Kemayla and I will be your eyes, ears and the administrator for the 2018 Forsyth Farms CSA. Interestingly enough I am not a farmer and will happily leave [...]

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Farm Life Fridays: Enjoy the Tradition of Thanksgiving

We've finally arrived at Thanksgiving weekend! Many people will be spending the weekend visiting with friends and family, enjoying a big meal, and counting our blessings. Whatever your family tradition (or if you're looking to start a new one) Forsythe Family Farms 2009 Inc will take care of all your fruit and vegetable needs for [...]

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Farm Life Fridays: Your Best Thanksgiving Dinner

Today is the last day of September - I can't believe we're already rolling into October!  With Thanksgiving just over a week away, I know some of us are feeling the pressure of preparing a big meal or hosting friends and family next weekend. It may feel like there's too much to do, but I've [...]

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Farm Life Fridays: Harvest is Happening!

Yesterday, (Sept. 22) was the official first day of Fall and hopefully you were able to enjoy the Harvest Moon last week. If you're not familiar with that term, a "Harvest Moon" is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. Before artificial lighting, this moonlight was very important to farmers as they could continue [...]

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