Summer on the Farm

What you see when you visit the farm in the summer is the bounty of food coming in from the fields, flowers to be picked and enjoyed and farm animals with their babies. Behind the scenes there is a farm crew working hard tending the fields and the farm animals, taking advantage of the longer [...]

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Soil – an essential element in our survival

As the spring warms us all up the farmers are putting all their winter made plans into action.  The soil temperature is rising and renewed plant life is found.  Time to get some seeds in the ground. Soil is an essential element to our survival and farmers are stewards of their soil.  It makes the [...]

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Spring has arrived on the farm!!!!

Spring is a welcome time of renewal.  Here on the farm we experience the rhythms in nature and learn to work with them. This warm weather has given Farmer Jim a window of opportunity to plant some early season peas.  If all goes well we should have peas mid June instead of late June. There [...]

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Good Food with a Good Story

The Buy Fresh, Buy Local movement was gaining momentum as far back as 2008 exploded this past year as COVID 19 exposed challenges in our food supply system. The focus of where our food comes from shifted to sourcing locally grown with nearly 5% of Canadians surveyed saying they have bought food directly from farmers since [...]

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Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder is the phenomenon in which children are experincing nature through computers and books rather than firsthand experience.  In this time of lockdown this not only applies to children but adults as well.   Being outside in nature has proven health benefits. Check out our latest newsletter for ideas on how you can strengthen [...]

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What goes into a Farm Box?

We are working on deciding what will be shared this week in our Farm Boxes. The process on how we determine the contents of these farm boxes and our CSA shares is very similar. It is not uncommon for us to field a dozen e-mails a week requesting what will be in next week’s box [...]

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Adapting the Supply Chain to Stay Connected

We are starting with two offerings this week which can be picked up at the farm or delivered to specified areas . A Farm Box for $32 containing a nice mix of storage vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions, ambrosia apples and greenhouse items such as kale, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumbers or tomatoes from our neighbours. [...]

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Lessons Learned; Education Filming

We would like to welcome Julia Morch to our team, Education Film Project Manager. The initial mystery that attends any journey is how did the traveler reach their starting point? How did they get to their ‘destination’ or in my case to Forsythe Family Farms? Maybe it started with growing up in rural Ontario! At [...]

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Take Me Out to the Compost

With the farm closed to the public, it has provided us some time to appreciate the compost pile. The compost pile deserves as much loving attention as all our other living  things on the farm, because it too  is alive with microbes and gives life to the fields and their crops. Our ever growing pile [...]

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We are finally all caught up with our plantings on the farm. Farmer Jim and Shannon will be finishing planting the beans and some sunflowers this afternoon. Then the cycle of planting begins again, tomorrow.  Farmer Jim staggers his plantings to increase crop availability for your enjoyment. Another benefit of succession planting is mitigating the [...]

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