We will be open Monday August 3rd with all of our weekend activities, weather permitting.

This will be the last weekend for our Enchanted Forest until September. Come out and enjoy.

We will continue to have wagon rides in August every hour between 10:00 am and 3:00pm. Our admission price will reflect the nonavailability of the forest. We find August is a good month to repair and refresh the forest. It is also a very buggy month, the mosquitoes will miss you.

We now have Gourmet Sweet Peaches and Cream sweet corn. It just started today. This group of corn varieties has the sweetness of super sweets but a nicer texture and excellent corn flavour. The market is also filling up with other great Ontario fruit and veggies - GARLIC is now available. Peas, both sweet and sugar snap are still available for about one more week. The beans are great.

NANTES carrots will be available next week.