This summer has been flying by and with July being reported as the second hottest on record you know the crops are going to be affected. Everything is early.

Apples have begun - we have Ginger Gold, a green,tangy apple that sweetens when ripe is the best early apple I've tasted. We keep them cold to keep them crunchy as you should do for all early apples.

The sweet corn loves this heat and has been especially sweet this summer. We should have it till a heavy frost.

Tomatoes are coming in in baskets now and bushels for canning won't be far behind. We expect to have bushels by late August instead of beginning the first week of school.

Niagara peaches are amazing this year. They are so sweet and now we're into the freestone varieties so get your jam made and preserving done. Their season will be over very early in September.

Have we got beef. We've just had 2 cattle processed and our freezer is overflowing with selection. We're trying some new cuts along with marinading some as our beef is quite lean. Remember to cook it at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time. Being lean it doesn't like to be overcooked.
This month we have our burger patties on special. A good chance to check them out.

So... catch the summer while you can.