Today, Christmas trees have now replaced the pumpkins. We've just created our own little forest of fresh cut fraser fir, balsam, spruce and pine. Oh, the smell of evergreens, I love them all. The cool, wet summer everyone lamented has given us gorgeous, lush Christmas trees. They thrived this past season.

We do try to keep the fall here on the farm till the American Thanksgiving is over, it can be such a short season with the excitement of Christmas pushing itself into our lives. Last weeks snow storm showed us the merits of not delaying for too long. We were still feeding the left over pumpkins to our animals, a treat for them, when last weeks freeze descended upon us.

Monday's warm temperature was a welcome relief, the snow melted and the last of the pumpkins were scooped up and deposited out on the fields. We got the rest of our beets harvested and James got his garlic planted. Jim has been out plowing the fields before he needs to plow anymore snow. Amazing how fast you can move when you see how quickly winter weather can come. Can't complain, we're not in Buffalo.

With our winter urn workshop successfully behind us we look forward to getting ready for the Coming of Christmas. Along with decorating winter urns and wreathes, we're baking our Christmas cookies, the market is lighting up with colour, and Fairy Tale Lane and our forest trail are becoming enchanted. The farm is buzzing with the anticipation of a very Creative Country Christmas.

Come join us in our celebrations. Check out our events page for full details of all that is happening on the farm this December.

We're opening daily beginning Saturday November 29th.
Looking forward to seeing you.