The snow is here early and everyone is off to an early start.  It seems time speeds up when preparing for special occasions.
We have beautiful Fraser and Balsam Fir trees along with pine and spruce.  Our courtyard is transformed into a forest -  oh the smell - awesome!  The wet fall has kept the trees lush and green. Along with the trees we have garland and wreaths to help you make your home look and smell special.
A cup of hot apple cider is waiting for you in the market.  Lynda has been making up our Christmas cookie trays and pies are in the oven baking.

Traditions -  they are what connects us all.
Many of you have been coming for all 27 years that we have been open at our Markham Farm on Kennedy Rd.  Christmas is so traditional and sometimes it is the only time you visit us.  Each year it seems I am reconnecting with friends, watching the kids grow and over the years come back with kids of their own.  That is what makes this season so special to me.

As with life there are bends in the road and we are at a turning point in ours.  After 27 years here on Kennedy Rd. we have been given notice of termination of our lease.  This is our last season in Markham, the farm will officially close December 24th.  Winter will be busy moving everything up to our Greenbank Farm where we will continue to be open for our strawberry, pumpkin and Christmas seasons.

There will be some changes, we haven't fully developed them.  You will be able to see Dan at the Markham, Oshawa Centre and Whitby Farmers Markets along with his CSA.  James is applying for the EG Farmers Market at Green Lane and Yonge St and there may be more.  We will still be at the Markham Fair as well.

With that said we would love for you to visit - Customer Appreciation Days are the last 2 weekends before Christmas.  Come in for a chat, bring a picture from your visits on the farm.  We are making a memory board of the farm and would love for you to contribute.

We look forward to your visit.