This past week has been a busy week at the farm – busy but productive! We have lots of great new fruits and veggies on the way for you to enjoy. Our raspberry plants are officially in the ground, to be ready for eating in June, rhubarb is well on its way, and asparagus should be making its appearance at markets very soon.

We also have several berry bushes that have bloomed immensely in the past couple of weeks, take a look!

This Tuesday we very excitedly welcomed our first school tour of the season. Several children came with there classmates to visit our animal friends and take a ride on the wagon.


We’ve also been getting ready for this season’s farmer’s markets – which start tomorrow.

Shares have been planned out and packed, food is ready to be loaded up on the truck tomorrow morning. We can’t wait for you to have a taste!

If you’re interested in learning more about/signing up for our CSA program, visit our CSA page.