Easter is special to us, a time of faith, and hope.  We cherish our time with family in this season of renewal. May your Easter be blessed with family as well.

In the windows of opportunity that the weather is giving us we are slowly but surely getting everything moved up from Markham.  Our school tour instructors are in helping us to get ready for a new season.  School tours begin the first week in May.  Our forest trail is coming along nicely and will be a beautiful walk, a nice break from the hectic pace of everyday life.

We are also getting organized for our auction sale Monday May 19th, Victoria Day here at our home farm in Greenbank.  Blending the two farms has left us with excess equipment and supplies. This will be a good opportunity to see a farm auction as we are also having an open house.  Check out our progress.

We'll be working steady getting ready and will be officially open for the season with strawberries - pick your own and fresh picked.  You can find the boys at the farmers markets beginning in May.

We'll soon have our special events for the season posted on our website.  Sign up for our e newsletter so you can be notified of the details. In this year of transitioning our events will be the main times we are open although you are welcome to book school and camp tours and birthday parties.

Stay in touch.  We're just a little drive away for a whole lot of country!