This weather is not doing our crops any favours.

Strawberry Season is almost over
Our pick your own berries in Greenbank is coming to an end this week. Our hours open are variable depending on the weather and crop conditions. Picking is still good but the berries are getting smaller.
We will be open Tuesday morning 8:30am till noon if it doesn't rain. Call 905-985-6749 for the most current update.
Our Markham farm is open daily 9:00 till 6:00 and we'll have fresh picked berries for as long as possible. This will be the last week for them until the day neutral strawberries start late August.

Raspberries are here
The raspberries have begun. DON'T DELAY They don't like this heat and humidity either. Currently we have a good supply of fresh picked raspberries in our Markham Farm Market.

Looking forward to Sweet Corn
As with all crops this year sweet corn will be early. Some started under plastic is already available. We may have some in the market Friday.

Enjoy Garlic now
Ontario garlic tastes great and is now in our market. There may be another crop shortage this year so start enjoying it now.

Crops to come
blueberries, peaches, plums, nantes carrots, field tomatoes