Strawberry Update
Who would have thought we'd have heat alerts in May after such a cold start to the month. This heat is bringing on the crops FAST. Peas will be early - they are already in pod and the strawberries will be ready sometime around the middle of June. Check the crop report beginning June 10th by phoning our market at 905-887-1087 or our Greenbank Farm at 905-985-6749 for up to date info on the berry and pea crops.

4 New Lambs
We've had 4 new moms this month. Ewenice had only a single lamb this year. She's the veteran among the May moms. All the other moms are first timers and their lambs are doing well. We now have out extra sheep pen beside Mud and Toots pasture pen complete and moved in our new mom and baby. Come on by to say hi.

We can't end this blog without mentioning the first fruit of summer. Well, it is a stem really. Some people love and we do have it available on a limited basis. Once the strawberries begin we will try to have it on a consistent basis in our market.