Wow! has winter gone by fast. We're getting ready to open for the season so hopefully the warm weather will continue. Jim has already planted some peas, the earliest ever for him.

School tours are starting soon and we are busy booking now for the spring and summer.

It has been a busy winter for us. We've attended a number of workshops and conferences to sharpen our skills and make some changes on the farm. You'll see some new activities as the season progresses, ones we think you'll enjoy. April's weather will dictate their development and when they're completed.

We've made some Shepherds Pies using our own beef. They make for an easy, quick delicious meal. They'll be in our freezer section along with our other naturally raised meat.

Kids and Lambs
The sheep and goats have been busy this winter as well. We now have over a half dozen lambs and kids born and more are expected. They are full of energy and jumping around in their pens.

Spring is a time of renewal, a season we always enjoy.

See you soon!!