The Passion for Connecting
Farmer Jim and Leslie were so happy to have met with many of you visiting the farm on the Victoria Day long weekend.  Connection to our farm and the farmer who grows your food is an important part of our CSA program.  We hope you take us up on the offer to visit the farm frequently.

But why is this so important to Farmer Jim and Leslie? I’ve had the opportunity to get to the root of their mission of connecting people to the farm and a better understanding of their willingness to open up their farm to the public.

Staying connected is their passion, but staying connected to what?

I asked their youngest son Dan what it meant being a family farm through the lens of a new father. He and his son, Sam, just got off the wagon ride that Grandpa drove while Grandma held Sam on her lap. This tractor ride is a highlight in our Tot Spot Program offered on the farm for toddlers from 2 to 5 years of age. Daniel shared that he appreciates this intentional time being outdoors in nature shared with his son and his parents.  There is no doubt that his toddler enjoys the unbridled time to roam.

Not everyone has this opportunity anymore.  With the urbanization of the GTA being linked to a family farm is becoming more remote.  There are many who have never experienced the joy of being out on a farm with its vast expanse of fields; countryside as far as the eye can see, the peace and quiet away from traffic and congestion, listening to the birds sing and watching the clouds float by.

We strive to be the Family Farm for those that no longer have a Farm in their Family

Why is it so important to the Forsythe Family

Farmer Jim is a first generation farmer with a lifelong dream of working the land and growing food.  Land security was always an issue for him since beginning his career in 1972. As a first generation farmer he did not have the fortune to have land passed along to him and had to lease property to grow on.  Jim has personally felt the effects of urbanization on farming throughout his lifetime- he’s able to name the original farm families that Scarborough neighbourhoods are now built on.

Fifteen years after starting off in Markham at 14th and McCowan Rd. in 1972 he was displaced for development.  Landing on his feet at their Kennedy Rd location in Unionville, Jim and Leslie managed to stay 27 years before having their lease terminated.  The once tight knit farm community was spreading out as farms closed and were bought up by developers. Families no longer had a family farm to return to and children had less connection to their food source.
With their history of direct farm marketing and educational programing the Forsythe family was in a unique position to share their knowledge and connect families with a farm. Both Leslie and Jim felt it was their calling to rebuild once again and open up their home farm in Greenbank to continue being that farm connection for their customers.

Be a part of your Foods journey from farm to plate.

By visiting their farm, you will be connected to the land on which your food is grown, have the opportunity to pick your own as well as de-stress in an open natural environment. Personal experiences in the farming community builds connection and helps clarify the roll farming has in EVERYONES life.

When visiting the farm, understanding the farming community and connecting to the food we grow helps to promote food security in our own backyard. If we lose our country side, we will lose not only our connection to the farming community but the connection to our food as well.  We will need to source it from outside of our province or country.  By touring the farm the Forsythe Family hopes  to influence and raise a new generation of advocates for sustainable food security.

Expanded Member Benefit this Year- Family Memberships to the FARM are included

For the past few years we’ve have offered one free admission to our CSA members plus a guest.  This year we have expanded this membership to include free admission for you and your immediate family members to come visit the farm throughout our growing season.

Right now the farm is open weekends until Strawberry Season then daily during strawberry harvest season.  Our days open vary throughout the season so please call 905-985-6749 before coming.