Thanksgiving 2014Fall is not only beautiful with the leaves changing colour, it is fun and delicious. The colours are at their peek and driving down our lane takes you back to the beauty of the country. Traffic and worries can be left behind.

The apple and pumpkin crops have been good this year. The Mutsu and Fuji apples are now available, fresh picked, in our market making for over 7 varieties to choose from. These two varieties are my favorites and well worth the wait. The Mutsu also make a fantastic apple pie.

Time to stock up on Honeycrisp apples, we have them on special for $1.95/lb. They are one of our most popular varieties - juicy and sweet.

Our Harvest Festival continues. We've had great reviews about our home farm. "It feels like a farm and is beautiful". Enjoy time with family and friends. Take a breath of fresh air and relax.

Come for some fun and good food!