After weeks of anticipation, Ewenice has given birth to quadruplets. They arrived in quick succession the morning of Friday May 2nd just in time for our season opener.
No assistance was required in the delivery but the lambs were so small they were each given two assisted feedings on their day of birth. Avery (helping out her Mom because it was a PA day) was very helpful in getting the lambs dried off and warmed up.
Mother Ewenice was not overly happy about being milked and needed farmer Susan to hold her steady so farmer Leslie was able to milk some colostrum from her. The colostrum was as thick as glue so we milked a goat to add to it making the colostrum more fluid. The lambs were given two tube feedings Friday to get them off to a great start.
They have been independent of any of our help since then except for one which gets bottle fed to supplement what it can get from mom. All are getting along and snuggle together in the nursery corner of their pen.
Thanks to Avery for her help and Brandon, her brother, who through the whole process was out in the poultry shed cleaning it for the arrival of new chicks that day enabling farmer Leslie to devote more time to the newborn lambs. Baby animals are thriving on the farm this spring.
Come on out- visit the calf, the kids, the lambs, the piglets and the chicks along with the sheep, goats, cow and laying hens.
Our market is now open for the season. The farm is open to the public in May Thursday till Sunday and Victoria Day Monday from 9:00 am till 5:00. As the season progresses the hours will expand.