We're opening for the season this Saturday. The farm is looking good and green thanks to all this warm weather. The animals are awaiting your arrival.
We've got new lambs (Ewenice will be giving us more near the end of the month) and kids. The chicks are here, some are already 3 weeks old.

We have an incubator this year and if all goes well should have some chicks hatching next week. It is always a gamble but if we succeed I'll take some pictures as the chicks hatch and post them. (There will be a time delay as I'm not great with technology.)

Sheep Shearing
Speaking of technology, I took a video of our sheep being sheared. I currently have connections with a film grad student who is cleaning it up and editing so you can actually hear me telling you what is happening. Be on the lookout. I'll be posting it as soon as it is ready.

The strawberries and peas are doing well and may be early this year. We'll keep you posted.

See you soon