A sure sign the winter is coming to an end - the birth of lambs. So far we have had 2 sets of twins and a single born to our ewes and there are more to come.
All babies are doing fine and holding their own in the flock.

Horse Crazy
It has all started with our son's girlfriends. They themselves would have nothing to do with horses, even been given the chance to have one. Their girlfriends are different. They love them.
So guess who arrived in our barns today-two Arabians. They are a mom/daughter team called at this time Monet and Lily. I have been assured that they are of lovely temperament. My son concurs as he feels he risked his life helping to load them for transport home.
He still has a healthy dose of fear (slowly turning to respect) for the animals.
Oh what they do for love.

Lily and Monet will star in our birthday party program called Crazy for Horses. We are currently developing a comprehensive birthday party program for our Greenbank farm that will allow people to enjoy our farm while celebrating their child's birthday. Be on the look out - more details to follow.

This winter has been a busy one with conferences and workshops attended in the USA and Ontario. I and 3 of my staff just completed one on birthday parties, we're saturated with amazing ideas. It is an exciting time to set forth on a new venture and we're looking forward to presenting it to you.