The weather is warming up, the snow has melted and our water hoses are thawing. We're looking forward to a new season.
Our sheep and goats have had a productive winter. We now have 7 lambs and 7 kids born in the last month. They are lively, playing together and springing straight up like Tigger's bouncing. They are a joy to watch. The mothers have been good except for two slackers. We are bottle feeding a set of twin lambs and our youngest kid, born March 26th. All three are very excited and happy to hear us coming to the barn and are doing well.
Our market will be opening for the season Saturday May 2nd. We're busy booking school tours which begin late April, making turkey dinners to sell in the market and cleaning up to be ready for the season. Our artist Gillian is painting some more signs for us.
We are currently updating our website to make it more interactive. Check out the changes. Look for the coupons.
We have decided to ignore the doom and gloom of the economy and be optimistic about the future. Still, we have decided this year to keep our admission price the same for the 3rd year in a row keeping our farm a very affordable place for the family to come and enjoy a relaxing time together.
Looking forward to seeing you in May.